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    How does the Marquis rationalize the accident?

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    In classical myth the three Fates spun, wove, and cut the thread of a person's life

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      how does Dickens connect Madame Defarge with these supernatural beings from the accident scene to the end of the chapter?

Book II, Chapter 8: "Monseigneur in the Country"

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    The setting sun's blush on the Marquis' face suggests what fate awaits him?

  • 2.

    What accounts for the apathetic conditions of the crops, the village, and its


3. In the last chapter the Marquis thought of the peasants as rats and dogs, and here he addresses the road-mender as "pig" (p. 145) why is his rudeness ironic here?

4. How does this chapter confirm a connection between Charles and the Marquis?

Book II, Chapter 9: "The Gorgon's Head"

In classical myth the gorgons were creatures so repulsive that the very sight of one would turn the beholder to stone -- indeed, the hero Perseus uses the head of the gorgon Medusa, whom he has slain by looking into his polished shield rather than directly at her, to turn the Titan Atlas into a mountain (Gibraltar).

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    How does this title seem appropriate for the chapter? Consider pages 149, 151, and 159 especially.

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    Though closely related, how do the Marquis and his nephew from England radically differ?

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    What intentions does the Marquis imply he has towards Dr. Manette and to his nephew?

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    How does the note around the murder weapon explain why the Marquis was killed?

5. Why is the Marquis, uncle to Charles Darnay, actually his enemy?

Book II, Chapter 10: "Two Promises"

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    What is the chronological setting relative to Chapter 9?

  • 2.

    How does Darnay, having renounced his family inheritance, earn his living?

  • 3.

    Why is it ironic that Dr. Manette refuses to listen when Charles tries to tell him

his real name?

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