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  • 5.

    Why is the crowd following the funeral procession incensed?

  • 6.

    Although this mob is genial, its feelings against the establishment run as deep as those of the denizens of St. Antoine, how is the senseless violence of the Revolution foreshadowed here?

7. Why is Cly's having been "a young 'un and a straight made 'un" (p. 188) of specific significance for Jerry?

  • 8.

    How does Jerry apparently dispose of his windfall income?

  • 9.

    Before we actually see Jerry in his true professional capacity, what clues does

Dickens provide to add suspense?

  • 10.

    Give three examples of humourous verbal irony from the bottom of page 190.

  • 11.

    Although we do not see the conclusion of the fishing expedition, how do we know

something has gone wrong?

12. What purpose to the main plot of the book does this chapter serve?

Book II, Chapter 15: "Knitting"

  • 1.

    What two mysteries are resolved for us in this chapter?

  • 2.

    Why are the Defarges cheered by the opulence of the Versailles court?

  • 3.

    Who are Jacques Four and Five?

  • 4.

    How does the road-mender characterize the grandees of the court?

Book II, Chapter 16: "Still Knitting"

  • 1.

    The success of the Revolution seems assured because there are Jacques in the strategic government offices -- give an example.

  • 2.

    Why does Defarge not answer to the name "Jacques" when greeted by the stranger in the wineshop?

3. What information given by Barsad strongly affects the Defarges, but differently?

Book II, Chapter 17: "One Night"

1. How will the new domestic arrangement for the Manettes resolve the problem of Charles' love for Lucie separating her from her father?

Book II, Chapter 18: "Nine Days"

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