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  • 1.

    Who is to look after Dr. Manette while the young couple are away on their honeymoon?

  • 2.

    Why does the Doctor emerge from his conference with the bridegroom deathly pale?

3. How does Dickens employ Dr. Manette's relapse to generate suspense?

Book II, Chapter 19: "An Opinion"

  • 1.

    What request of Dr. Manette, now recovered, does Mr. Lorry make and why?

  • 2.

    Once again Dickens employs Lorry to relate a difficult truth: what was the first

occasion? How does Lorry handle it each time?

Book II, Chapter 20: "A Plea"

  • 1.

    In spite of his own unhappy marriage, or perhaps because of it, how does Dickens characterize the Charles/Lucie relationship?

  • 2.

    Why, surprisingly, does Sydney Carton apologize to Charles and offer his friendship?

Book II, Chapter 21: "Echoing Footsteps"

  • 1.

    What is the date in this chapter?

  • 2.

    What is Carton's relationship with the Darnay family?

  • 3.

    How does Mr. Lorry's news indicate the revolution is beginning?

  • 4.

    How do we finally get to see Dr. Manette's place of confinement in the Bastille?

  • 5.

    How does Dickens intensify our repulsion for Madame Defarge?

Book II, Chapter 22: "The Sea Still Rises"

  • 1.

    What is the date now?

  • 2.

    Why does Defarge hate Foulon?

  • 3.

    How is Foulon's punishment yet another example of poetic justice?

  • 4.

    When Defarge says to his wife "At last it has come," why does she not totally


Book II, Chapter 23: "Fire Rises"

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