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MyLife Junior

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MYLIFE Junior is a web-based life planning program for Middle School Students, designed to demonstrate how lifestyle choices can

affect career choice. Through this activity, students will develop a simulation of their fantasy future by calculating all their future monthly bills including rent or house payments, car payments, car maintenance, gasoline, insurance, utilities, groceries, clothes, and finally entertainment. After all the monthly bills are totaled, students will determine the wages needed to support their lifestyle choices. Completion of this activity opens the door to career exploration to determine which occupations will support the chosen lifestyle. When beginning this activity, students should pretend they are 18 years old and living independently on their own. Good luck and have fun!

(Click here for a printable copy of this worksheet)


Student's Name:

Today's Date:

Directions: Click on the link within each question below to complete the worksheet. After you have completed the worksheet, write the total in the space provided at the end of each question.


Housing: Click here to view your choices, make your housing decision, and write your total monthly housing cost in the space provided on the right.


Monthly Cost

2. Transportation: Click here to view your choices, make your transportation decision, and write your total monthly vehicle payment, car insurance, registration & license fee, car maintenance, and monthly cost of gasoline in the spaces provided below. Hint: (use the space for your total monthly vehicle payment for the car or truck payment, motorcycle, scooter or bicycle payment, or the monthly cost of a bus pass. If you choose the bicycle or bus passes as your transportation option, you will not need to fill in the blanks for Insurance, Registration & License Fee, Maintenance Cost, and Gasoline).

Monthly Cost

Monthly Vehicle Payment:


Monthly Cost

Total Monthly Car, Truck, Motorcycle or Scooter Insurance:


Monthly Cost

Total Monthly Registration & License Fee:


Monthly Cost

Total Monthly Car Maintenance Cost:


To determine the total monthly cost of gasoline: multiply (x) the current cost per gallon of gasoline by the number of gallons used each month. Hint: (the number of gallons used each month is listed in the Breakdown of Cost: Gasoline section below each vehicle choice on the Transportation page. This is based on driving the vehicle an average of 12,000 miles per year).

Monthly Cost

C o s t p e r g a l l o n o f g a s o l i n e _ $ _ _ _ _ _ _

X # of gallons = gasoline cost per month:


Total Monthly Cost



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