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Monthly Cost

Question # 3: Total Monthly Cost for Groceries:


Monthly Cost

Question # 4: Total Monthly Cost for Clothing:


Monthly Cost

Question # 5: Total Monthly Cost for Entertainment:


Monthly Cost

Question # 6: Total Monthly Premium for Health/Life/Dental Insurance:


Monthly Cost

Question # 7: Total Monthly Contributions for your Retirement Savings Plan:


Monthly Cost

Question # 8: Total Monthly Cost for Other Expenses:


Total Monthly Expenses:

Total Monthly Cost =$

Putting It All Together

Calculate your Gross Monthly Wage: Gross pay is the money you make before you pay Taxes to the government. Net pay is your take home pay after all the Taxes are taken out of your paycheck. Please use the Gross Pay Calculator to calculate your gross wages per Month. After clicking on the link for the Gross Pay Calculator, you will need to choose your tax year and state and then fill in the spaces provided using the following information:

General Information:

  • Net Pay - your Total Monthly Expenses from above

  • Gross Salary YTD - leave blank

  • Pay Frequency - Monthly

  • Federal Filing Status - Single

  • # of Federal Allowances - 0

  • Additional Fed. Withholding - leave blank

  • Round Federal Withholding - no

  • I am exempt from - leave blank

State and Local Information for (North Dakota or the State you are living in):

  • Filing Status - Single

  • Allowances - 0

  • Additional State W/H - 0

Voluntary Deduction Section:

  • Use 0 voluntary deduction(s) for my paycheck - type 0 in the drop down box. This will change the last section and

eliminate the rest of the questions.

  • Click Calculate and record your Monthly Gross Wage in the space provided below.



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