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Piste (Map)


Reflective Bandoliers

Restraining Leash

Rip Current

Roller Ski

Safety Bearing


Screwgate Karabiners

Single Handers

Single Pitch

Single Scull

Ski Tip

Ski Basket

Snow Shovel

Spray Deck

Survival Bag



Twist Lock Karabiner


A prepared and marked ski trail or run. Piste maps provide details of all facilities in a particular resort including the ski runs and their degree of difficulty.

In Orienteering, a pattern pin punch used to verify that a control site has been visited.

A strip of reflective tape which wraps around the body to enable motorists to easily identify a cyclist at night or in bad visibility.

A cord or tape which attaches a snowboard or Nordic ski to the skier. It prevents the ski from running out of control in the event of a fall where the boot is released from the ski binding.

Strong off-shore currents, often experienced near river mouths.

A short ski with rollers or wheels which is designed for use on a hard surface allowing the skier to practice Nordic ski techniques. Nordic ski bindings are used to fix the boot/shoe to the ski.

A compass bearing specific to an area which leads competitors - related to orienteering to a safe point if they become lost.

Movement up steep ground that would usually need the use of hands.

Lockable metal clip.

Class of dinghy which only has a mainsail and which is sailed by one person

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    eg a topper or laser.

A rock climb from the ground to the top of the cliff which does not exceed the length of the rope (50m).

A competitive rowing boat propelled by a single rower.

In Nordic ski touring,a spare ski tip (front of the ski) is often carried in case of damage to the ski.

A fitting at the bottom of a ski pole which prevents the pole sinking too deeply into the snow.

Lightweight shovel carried for emergency situations, digging snow holes/ avalanche rescue.

A skirt of waterproof material worn round the kayaker’s waist and fitted to the cockpit rim to prevent the ingress of water to the kayak.

Large polythene bag, big enough to get one or two people into.They keep out the wet and keep heat in.

A ‘traditional’ Norwegian downhill turn used when free heel ski-ing.

Moving horizontally across rock face or rock wall.

Lockable metal clip. In some circumstances these have opened by mistake

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