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year, enabling seasonality to be taken into account. Any declines in both indices are highlighted in the quarterly report.

Results 2007, 2008, Q1 2009

Global Volume Consumption Index Highlights 2007 – 2008

For 2008, the Western Pacific and South East Asian regions generally showed growth in volume consumption3 -- even in the high-income countries where consumption growth is typically flat. Consumption in China showed particularly strong growth on a volume basis through 2008, as did Australia and Indonesia. In the first quarter of 2009, growth in China appears to have slowed. Outside of Malaysia, there were no signs of any noticeable decline in the region.

The Europe region is characterized by flat growth on a volume basis in the high-income countries. Some growth occurred in Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey, but there was little change in the other low- or middle-income countries. In Estonia, however, consumption dropped over three successive quarters, falling to more than 10% below consumption levels in Q1 2008 by the end of the year. That decline continued in Q1 2009. Russia’s out-of-pocket sector (outside of the government-reimbursed sector) also posted three consecutive quarters of declines in 2008.

The Eastern Mediterranean Region is highly seasonal and shows strong declines in Q3 (July, August and September) relative to Q1 2008, making for difficult quarterly comparisons. Over the 2008 full year, U.A.E, Lebanon, Egypt and Pakistan all grew, but consumption growth slowed in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia after Q3. The latest information from Q1 2009 suggests that volumes have recovered in those two countries.

In the Americas, the high-income countries, like their European counterparts, showed relatively low growth in the period. The Dominican Republic demonstrated a moderate decline in consumption on a volume basis relative to Q1 2008, but this is not reflected in the quarter-on-quarter comparisons. Other upper middle-income countries either grew or maintained consumption levels relative to the same quarters in the previous year. In Mexico, while growth was noted in that part of the public sector monitored by IMS, a moderate decline in consumption was seen in the private sector. Lower income countries in the Americas were stable or showed growth in consumption on a quarter-on-quarter basis.


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