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IMS Health is the gold standard in pharmaceutical and healthcare market intelligence, relied on by virtually all of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies — along with government agencies, policymakers, researchers and financial analysts around the globe. IMS tracks more than 1.5 billion healthcare transactions each month, from more than 130,000 suppliers worldwide. This data, integrated with leading analytical expertise, plays a central role in supporting high-quality, cost-effective healthcare.

1 The financial crisis and global health : Report of a high-level consultation Geneva, Switzerland – 19 January

2009 Information available from IMS Health 2

3 Volume has been measured in terms of a standard IMS derived measure of the number of doses called a

Standard Unit (SU). This should not be confused with the WHO's Defined Daily Dose (DDD). An SU is measured differently depending on the formulation of the medicine. By and large, one SU usually equals one tablet, one capsule, one suppository or pessary, one pre-filled syringe/cartridges, pen, vial or ampoule, one dose of an inhaled medicine or 5ml of a oral syrup or suspension. SUs of topical treatments, granules, powders, pellets, eye and ear preparations vary depending on the exact composition of the product but can be based on millilitres or grams. In addition in some countries an SU of a reconstituted product will treated as mg. The IMS SU is nevertheless consistent allowing time trend analyses to be carried out within countries over time. Care is sometimes needed if comparing across countries given the differences in formulations available in different countries. A more detailed document is available on request from IMS


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