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Water Quality Recommended Actions

Watershed-wide ¾ Develop capacity of DPW staff to use GIS tracking and maintenance of stormwater system.

¾ Work with CZM, DEP, and CSCR to pilot and implement a standardized quality assurance program for water sampling associated with grant funded monitoring. .

¾ Prioritize stormwater remediation based on size of watershed, impervious surface and proximity to water bodies.

¾ Develop Stormwater Utilities to fund on-going storm water system for improvements. ¾ Adopt Stormwater Bylaws or improve existing bylaws to meet Clean Water Act Phase II

¾ Revise construction sediment erosion control permitting to include design review and enforcement.

Aaron River, Lily Pound, Aaron River Reservoir, Herring Brook: ¾ Develop long term water sampling program to measure land use related contaminants with specific attention to Brass Kettle Brook and Aaron River.

¾ The towns of Cohasset and Scituate should evaluate all older septic systems (prior to 1978) within 200 feet of the surface water supply to determine if they are properly functioning in accordance with Title 5 standards.

¾ Request that MHD designate no salt zone along Route 3A near where it is tributary to Peppermint brook. Work with the Town of Cohasset Conservation Commission to designate Mount Blue Street and Mount Hope Street within the Zone B near Bound Brook Pond as no salt zones.

¾ Evaluate the feasibility of installing storm water treatment systems along Rt 3A where it comes in close proximity to Peppermint Brook and along King Street where drainage is tributary to Lily Pond and especially within the Zone A. Following the feasibility study, treatment system should be designed and constructed to capture roadway spills, oil and other petroleum products to prevent their discharge into Peppermint Brook.

Bound Brook: ¾ Develop BMPs to prevent non point source causing turbidity during dry and wet weather condition and monitor effectiveness via on-going water clarity monitoring in Bound Brook.

Cohasset Harbor: ¾ Restore James Brook Tidal Marsh, implement sampling program to identify non-point sources and develop BMPs to address the problem.

¾ Reduce high fecal counts and closures of Bassings Beach by monitoring water quality around Governments Island and identify pollution source.

¾ Evaluate impact of WWTP discharge on marine ecosystem. Cohasset Cove: ¾ Deepen and contain the small ponds fed by the Hatherly Gulf Course drains and recycle the

South Coastal Watershed Action Plan 9/12/2006 Watershed Action Alliance


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