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special options

Special Options (T/C and RTD’s): chose as many special options needed. if you require two of the same option like two Weld pads or id tags put a letter for each item required.

option a

- special Limits of error (T/c only): This qualies the accuracy of the sensor based on specied standard test points (EMF vs Tempera- ture) set by the industry. This designates the highest tolerances available. (See page 13 for more info.)

option B option c

- rTd Transmitter: Head mounted transmitter, fully Linearized, Pt100 input only. mp82800r (See page 70 for more info.)

- programmable rTd Transmitter: Head mount transmitter, fully linearized. Push-button Programmable, can be programmed in the eld. Pt100 RTD 3-wire input only. mp82850r. (See page 70 for more info.)

option d

- universal Transmitter: Scalable over the entire range of 8 RTD’s and 12 Thermocouples. Fully-Isolated; Fully-Linearized. Hart protocol option. mp82700 (See page 70 for more info.)

option e option f

  • -

    economy multi-input transmitter: – Pt100 RTD & Thermocouples. Fully-linearized head mount transmitter. mp82800. ( page 66 )

  • -

    field Bendable: Sensor is able to be bent in the eld. This option must be specied for Rigid Tube assemblies, T/C and RTD.

Mineral Insulated (MgO) assemblies are eld bendable – option not required.

option g option h option i option J option K option L option m

  • -

    shielded leadwire: Shield with Drain Wire Reduces Electrical Noise. (Specify -Shield open or Shield grounded to probe)

  • -

    high vibration: Assemblies are reinforced to help prevent damage/failure in extreme applications.

  • -

    ss id Tag: Product Identication plate. (Electro-etching standard)

  • -

    coated armor: Provides a moisture seal for this durable and abrasion resistant wire protection. PVC or Teon.

  • -


  • -

    mating connector: Assembly will be supplied with a mating connector.

  • -

    mgo construction: Metal sheathed mineral insulation provides best construction for high temperature or heavy vibration ap-

plications. Multiple sizes and materials.

option o option p option Q option r option s

  • -

    separate ungrounded: Isolated junction type used in dual and triplex MGO assemblies (See Diagram “JT” page 15.)

  • -

    electro-etching: Part number or other information permanently etched on probe sheath.

  • -

    ground screw: For head assemblies if a ground screw is required. Not available on all connection head styles.

  • -

    faster response construction: Greatly increases response time in ungrounded/Isolated sensors.

  • -

    spring Loaded: Allows probe retraction for best contact with process surface. Pressure on the junction tip provides and main-

tains faster response.

option T option u option v

  • -

    coated probe: Sheath is sealed with Teon or PVC to provide added protection in highly corrosive applications.

  • -

    Butt Welded Junction: Optional welding procedure of wire thermocouples instead of twist welded.

  • -

    field cuttable: RTD probes can be cut down to a minimum 3” length using a standard tube cutter. Sealed construction for out-

door/moisture applications. Also available on some Thermocouple assemblies.

option W - option X - option Y -

Weld pad: Tig welded to sheath. Formed to match tube diameter. Used to weld sensor to process surface. (See page 16) X-ray Junction: Sensors are x-rayed in two or four planes for weld integrity and junction location.

certicate of conformance or calibration: Conformance certies the material being provided meets the specications and requirements of the purchase order. Calibration certies the sensor at specic temperatures. If a Certicate of Conformance is selected, specify the number of points and temperatures.

option 2 - option 3 -

high Temperate oxidation coating: A special coating to help prevent oxidation at high temperatures.

Test at process Temperature: Sensor tested at required temperature (2000oF max) for extended period or cycled. The sensor is tested at a specic temperature point for a specied period. This is not a calibration certicate.

option 4 - option 5 -

BX connector: 1/2 inch BX connector added to the sensor leadwire where required. (Specify Location)

soak Test: (Ungrounded junctions only) Sensor junction is immersed in water for a minimum of four hours to check for potential cracks in the sheath or weld. The sensor must then pass a 100 VDC meg check immediately after it is removed from the water This test is standard on all GIC utility sensors.

option 6 - option 7 - option 8 - option 9 - option Z -

Tip sensitive rTd: For applications that require a tip sensitive element instead of the standard area sensitive element. rigid Tube construction: Sheath is made from rigid metal tubing instead of MgO lled. no heat shrink on probe: no crimp on probe:

special: (Consult Factory) For anything special about a assmbly that isn’t called out elsewhere. Put a “Z” for each special option needed and give a detailed description for each in the order notes.

for more information on special options: www.GICThermodynamics.com

Web: http://www.gicthermodynamics.com Email: sales@gicthermodynamics.com


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