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situations, where anxiety mounts, requiring fewer problems as a strategy will be appreciated”. The fine line between modified and adapted is not reliant upon the number of questions so much as does the child demonstrate understanding of the content? If students are asked to do more questions they can be given more time, which is already practice with provincials at the high school level.

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    Does not being able to complete homework mean being put on a modified program?

    • Clearly this is a difficult question. It would be important to try to determine the reason the student is not able to complete the homework. Is it due to the lack of environmental support at home, poor output or behavioural resistance? Rather than a modified program it would mean that the child needs some intervention. The longer the child is on a modified program the greater the gap in his/her achievement vs. other students. Can the homework be done after school in a homework club or during lunch hour? Can the homework questions be reduced or can there be an alternate assignment that also meets the criteria of the performance standards?

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    Does reading or scribing for a child mean that the subject is modified?

    • Scribing for the child is common as an adaptation and is frequently implemented in high school provincial exams (also spell check).

    • Reading for the child particularly in science and social studies can be an adaptation particularly if the child is cognitively able to answer and respond to the questions. For example, a student who has a language learning disability in high school may need to have some questions read in order to demonstrate understanding. This does not apply to Provincial Exams but can be implemented as an adaptation throughout the year. Many times these students can plough through until they arrive at Communications 11 at which time the program is more accessible, demanding less sophisticated reading and writing. There will be some components of the performance standards where the child cannot meet but others that they will be able to. This does not mean they are completely on a modified program.

9. If an adaptation is made for certain children in class where they use an open book to write a math test how is that fair to other students, when their mark could be higher if they too could write the open book test?

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