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Otherwise, the focus will be on the written content rather than the structure and grammar. The language arts program may require demonstration of a paragraph in a test and this is where the student with writing output problems will need the use of the computer or assistive technology to increase the fluency and organization (such as Kurweill Co:Writer or Draft:Builder etc.) Students will, however, need to be assessed in their organization/structure and grammar since these are not exempted.

  • During provincial exams it is standard practice that all students receive an extra hour to complete their exams. Students who have indicated a need for more time in their IEP can get additional time (above the extra hour).

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    What about cursive writing?

    • Cursive writing continues to be a good tool for students but would be an obstacle for students who have motor problems or dysgraphia. They require access to a computer or a laptop if viable.

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    If the child is receiving adaptations only, is it enough to attach an adaptations checklist with the report card or do we write an IEP indicating the adaptations the child requires?

    • The adaptations do need to be part of the IEP and need to match the strengths and weaknesses (and disability) as indicated in the front page of the IEP

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    What are the implications of adaptations? Do they need to be done forever?

    • Adaptations, used effectively, can be an integral part of the assessment process of the student; in other words, does the student, with the use of the adaptation, improve his/her performance.

    • The adaptations also provide a paper trail that helps indicate the needs for this student when they begin to do provincial exams in high school.

    • Sometimes students will grow out of certain adaptations finding they are no longer useful and sometimes students will be reassessed and de-listed, no longer requiring these adaptations. This needs to be monitored carefully.

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