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1 minute.

Probe sheets for each student, pencils for each student, digital timer 1. Arrange students so that they can only see their own work. Tell students,

2. Distribute probe sheets. Prompt students,


(make sure all eyes are on you). Say,

(point). (Go (Draw a letter to the chalkboard.) “C” on the chalkboard.) (demonstrate). Monitor for compliance and understanding. If students continue working, remove their papers and give them a new one.

4. Say, Begin the timer. Prompt students to turn the page if they finish the first page and continue working. If a student finishes all three pages before 1 minute has elapsed, give the student a fresh probe and instruct the student to “keep working.”

5. Do not assist or teach students the task during the timed probe. Say only, if students ask questions during the probe.

6. When the timer rings say,

Monitor to ensure that all papers are held up so that students

cannot continue working.

: 1. Count number of items correct in one minute. Items with exactly the correct answer choice

circled are counted correct. 2. Count number of errors. Items not answered are

counted as errors. Errors are defined as

letters written improperly; as set by the following criteria:

  • *

    Must be an exact replica of the letter (i.e., lowercase letters are counted as errors).

    • *

      Reversals are not counted as errors.

    • *

      More than a 45-degree rotation on the copied letter is counted as an error.

    • *

      More than ¼ of an inch overhang on any letter is an error (e.g., T, Y).

    • *

      To be counted correct, the E must contain exactly 3 horizontal lines in addition to the other criteria.

    • *

      To be counted as correct, the F must contain exactly 2 horizontal lines in addition to the other criteria.

    • *

      To be counted correct, the O must be closed with no more than ¼ inch overhang.

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