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Tip # 2:  Digital Publication Management System (DPMS)   

A.  This tool is located at the Logistics Innovation Agency (LIA) formerly known as the Logistics Transformation Agency (LIA) formerly known as the Logistics Integration Agency (LIA) @ http://www.lta.army.mil/.  (I think their name may change again soon – so stay tuned).  Look down the right hand column for DCS G4, Digital Publication Management System (DPMS) and click it open.

B.  On the right side at the top is a "Policy Information" section that contains:

G-4 Bookshelf (Regs and Pams):  All publications for which the DA G-4 is the proponent may be accessed here.

Publication Review Schedule:  Ever wonder when an update to a supply publication was going to be available?  Peruse the schedule here.

DPMS Bulletin Board:  Ahh, the internet the way it started – an old fashioned bulletin board.  One may post supply questions here and receive a response from peers and occasionally from a "subject matter expert" (SME).  Check it out, the file is historical and your question may have already been asked and perhaps answered.  You won't know until you look.

Army Independent Logistics Checklist:  This link is broken, so move on

G-4 PENS:  "Policy Enrollment and Notification System" (PENS).  One of our favorites because once you're set up, it's on auto pilot.   Sign in using your AKO User Id/Password and you can subscribe to receive automatic notification when a G-4 owned publication is changed or revised and/or a new one is published.  This is a great way to stay up to speed with minimum effort on your part.

C.  Move down to the "Policy Updates" sub section.  The time saving tool here is the:

Work in Progress section, which, once you have again signed in using your AKO User ID/Password, allows you to review "draft" documents of supply publications.

Example # 1:  

We all know AR 710-2, Supply Policy Below the National Level, was published 8 Jul 05 but the corresponding "user pamphlets" have not been updated/published.  In reality, the pamphlets have been updated by the Quartermaster Center and School (QMC&S) and LTA.  In fact, DA Pamphlet 710-2-2, Supply Support Activity Supply System: Manual Procedures, is posted right here in the Works in Progress section of DPMS.  You may access it by chapter and see what the new pamphlet will look like.  Remember:  As the site's disclaimer reads this is a "draft" document.

Example # 2:  

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