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Why is the DA Pamphlet 710-2-1, Using Unit Supply System (Manual Procedures) not available here?  We don't know, but, if you look in the Publication Review Schedule mentioned earlier you will see it is at DA G-4 for review.  In fact, a DA LTC staff officer is currently working the pamphlet and we are hoping for quick publication.  See how this stuff ties together?

D.  Next cursor on down to the Policy Analysis section.  

Search on "Suggested Publication Changes" and review the DA Form 2028,

Recommended Changes to the Publications and Blank Forms, which are available here.

Locate the publication that interest you in the "List of Regulations and Pamphlets" drop down box and (we know you picked AR 710-2) and click on "All 2028 Attributes".

If the stars are aligned and the internet is humming along one may review all DA Form 2028s submitted against the selected publication.  

Alibi # 1:  

For DA Form 2028s submitted via mail to the proponent.............it may take a while to see those here.  All that were submitted using the "XML" hyperlink 2028 available for all DA G-4 managed publications automatically post here and get sent to the appropriate author/reviewer for comment/processing.

Alibi # 2:  

DPMS is a great tool.  Currently, considering the Army's OPTEMPO/PERSTEMPO and other logistics requirements it may be falling behind.  Still, a useful tool – stay tuned!

Tip # 3:  Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA):

A.  WOW!  As the saying goes "That's Way Too Much Information".  All good stuff, but overwhelming at first glance – each of us needs to ferret out the information we require and use LOGSA's data bases to our advantage.  Visit:  https://www.logsa.army.mil/.  Quoted from their home page:

"The Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW) Initial Operational Capability (IOC) was fielded on Monday, 30 January 2006.  You will notice some changes and improvements in your access to authoritative Army logistics data.  LIW IOC provides a common point of entry to the existing web capabilities of the Logistics Integrated Data Base (LIDB), the Integrated Logistic Analysis Program (ILAP), and other LOGSA tools.  This common point of entry — the LIW main webpage — replaced the webpage currently known as WebLOG, simplified access to former WebLOG tools, renovated the LOGSA System Access Request (SAR) process, and provided single-sign-on access to the full capabilities of both WebLIDB and ILAP.  Access to the LIW webpage is provided via a single log-on based on the user’s Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account.  Non-Army affiliated users will be given opportunity to utilize a local non-AKO login.  To ensure a seamless

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