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transition to the LIW, take time now to recall and verify your AKO user information." Link to LIW:  https://liw.logsa.army.mil

B.  A couple of tips:

(1)  On the main page, click on the LIW box, select WEBLIDB (middle/bottom), scroll down and click open Publications Selection (left column),

then select the report titled Tailored Index Report By UIC, enter your UIC in the box.....click "Submit"  and look for the UIC you entered to appear above your input.

(It's almost instantaneous, so.....once there, look at the top right of the screen and click on the running man icon (this runs your report).  You may also schedule it by clicking on the clock.  Regardless, once run – return to the left side and scroll down to Report Status and once available click it open.

This tailored index report by UIC provides a complete list of all equipment publications for the requested UIC.  It includes Supply Catalogs (SC), Technical Manual (TM), Lubrication Orders (LO), etc.

In short:  All the supply catalog data you need on a daily basis but especially for change of hand receipt holder or change of command inventory purposes.  Let's stay current and not order items no longer authorized or retain items that have been removed from the current authorization pubs.

(Tip provided by SFC Douglas L. Adams during an SEA evaluation)

(2)  Back on the main page, again click open LIW – now let's look at FEDLOG.  Open it and ensure the Army "tank" icon is selected.  You now have access to the Army Master Data File (AMDF) information.  But, we will not go there.  

Click on Help in the top tool bar and scroll down to Army ESP (Didn't know Uncle Sam was into this stuff, did you?).  Click it open.  You will see a list of Essential Supply Publications Content (now we know what ESP is).  Open any of the lists and a list of suggested publications appears for that level of supply operation.  Neat, huh?  Remember, the publication dates may be (actually are in many cases) old, so go back to DPMS and ensure you are referencing current pubs.  This is a good place to start your list of "required" publications for your Standing Operating Procedure (SOP).

(Tip provided a couple of years ago by CW2R James Richardson, thank you James)

Tip # 4:  The Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Requirement Management Office (TWVRMO).

This is a great source for obtaining information about tactical wheeled vehicles in the Army's inventory.  Check it out at:  http://tsm-twvm.eustis.army.mil/

Tip # 5:   The Combined Arms Support Command's (CASCOM) home page at:  http://www.cascom.army.mil/ is very comprehensive.  Some examples of available data are listed below.

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