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A.  Have a great idea but don't know how to let the big Army know?  Click on the CSS tab and scroll down to SMART.   Click on Initiate a SMART Idea Here and go to work.  Who knows, might get adopted and you may reap some benefits.

B.  Check out:  http://www.cascom.lee.army.mil/quartermaster/General_Supply/

which provides Quartermaster Soldier Critical Task lists and links to Soldier training related work books for both 92A, Automated Logistical Specialist and 92Y, Unit Supply Specialist.

C.  The "Sustainment Portal" at:  https://vports.atsc.army.mil/home1.html requires initiative to learn.  Take the time, you will enhance the support you provide your commander and Soldiers.  (My # 2 pencil don't work here but a great place for automation smart logisticians to browse).

Tip # 6:  The Project Manager, Logistics Information Systems (PMLIS) at:

https://www.pmlis.lee.army.mil/private/default.htm manages the Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS).

A.  Need a Commander's guide for the Unit Level Logistics System – S4?  It's here:


B.  How about information regarding current versions of the various STAMIS?


C.  Or data regarding the "Global Combat Support System-Army" (GCSS-A)?

https://www.pmlis.lee.army.mil/private/GCSS_A_ERP/main/index.html.  Maybe you need information about the "Deployment" of GCSS-A?  Look here:


D.  Need a SARSS manual.  https://www.pmlis.lee.army.mil/private/SARSS.htm

Look around for additional SARSS data.

E.  Tip regarding a "hidden" gem.  (We know the Standard Property Book System-Redesigned (SPBS-R) is almost gone), but this information is provided to demonstrate that sometimes one does have to "ferret" out information. Click on ULLS in the toolbar of the main PMLIS home page.  Notice the SPBS-R link down the left side.  Open it.

Scroll down and open the link to the SPBS-R User Manual.  The entire manual to include the two published changes are here.  One would think the SPBS-R tab should be on the main tool bar, but no, to get to SPBS-R you must go through the ULLS tab.  

Tip # 7:  The Quartermaster Professional Bulletin is available on line at:


A.  For your reading pleasure "back" issues are available.  Articles such as "Chief of Staff, Army, Supply Excellence Award" in the spring 2003 edition are a must read.

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