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B.  Some additional articles of note for your reading pleasure:

(1)  "Durable Property Accountability" by CW5 Leslie M. Carroll


(2)  "Mining Logistics Gems-The Chief of Staff, Army, Supply Excellence Award Program" by CW5 Robert Gowin and CW3 Antonio Ocasio.  Not claiming to advertise the SEA program (really?), but check it out anyway at:  http://www.quartermaster.army.mil/oqmg/Professional_Bulletin/1999/autumn1999/Mining%20Logistics%20Gems-SEA.htm

C.  The Logistics Training Department (LTD) is featured in the spring 2003 edition. It provides valuable insight into training your Quartermaster professional logisticians.


Tip # 8:  The U.S. Army Logistics Network (LOGNet) provides fantastic tools designed to aid supply personnel in completing their assigned mission.  

Access instructions copied from LOGNet:  

Instructions for accessing the U.S. Army Logistics Network (LOGNet)

To access LOGNet go to:


When prompted just enter your AKO UserName and AKO Password to log on. To participate on LOGNet you must have an account. To create your account just click the "Request an Account" button on the display page. Again the UserName to be entered is your AKO UserName and the Password is your AKO Password. Please do not enter your email address in place of your AKO UserName – it is not the same thing. Also please double check the spelling of your AKO UserName before completing the process. Incorrectly spelled AKO UserNames will not pass the security check with the AKO white pages and be rejected by our system.

Screening and approval of LOGNet account requests usually happens within one working day or so, if not sooner.

For further details, help and instructions see this section on LOGNet after your account request has been approved:

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