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Once you have your LOGNet account use this URL:


Start off in the right column Features and open the 60 Seconds Instructions for LOGNet file.  We recommend you print a copy for future reference.  Next, again in the right hand column, open the power point presentation titled:  "Introduction to LOGNet:  March 2006".  Again, print yourself a copy for reference.

A.  On the main page, scroll all the way to the bottom and look at the available data.

Two items that immediately caught my eye were the Ammunition Basic Load SOP and the Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP) Checklist Excel Worksheet.

This is a very small sample of available data.  Also, keep in mind LOGNet is a dynamic data base and it's best to peruse here often.

B. On the main page, in the left column under Explorer scroll down and open Quartermaster.  In the left column are various topics such as Property Book Officer, Unit Supply NCO, etc.  Scrolling down the main QM page you can view questions and replies posted by various individuals.  For example a question posed was: "Does anyone have a Division level Main Support Battalion SOP?"  The answer provided by Mr Bob Dalton, the LOGNet facilitator, was "There are a variety of Internal and External SOPs of this nature located at AKO SOP Central in the following folder.


The access instructions provided are:

"Log onto AKO

Click the "Files" Tab

On the explorer to the left click "U.S. Army Organization to expand it.

Click "TRADOC"

Click "Schools"

Click "CGSC"

Click "TDUG"

Click "SOP Central"

Click on the file cabinet icon to expand it.

Click on the "Logistics and Supply" folder".

C.  In the left column, under Explorer open the Unit Supply NCO tab.  Scroll down the main page and check out the Conversations.  Next, look in the Features section, see the OCIE Spotting Guide?  (Available Jul 06 but do not know how long post remain here).  Open the guide and see how it can be adopted to your unit's requirements.  I'm always amazed by the outstanding work and initiative displayed by our Soldiers.  Their

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