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C.  We recommended this automated tool since we still note FM 101-10-1 and FM 101-10-2 referenced in some unit's SOPs and we all know these have been obsolete since TQMG was a Captain.  So use current computation data for your supply requirements.

Tip # 12:  "How the Army Runs" Have you ever asked yourself how and why senior officers know so much?  Well, they're smart and study hard.  Just like you, so -

go to:  http://www.cascom.army.mil/Automation/home.htm  and open the link (or click on the hyperlink below if you are reading this in electrons) to a publication titled:

How the Army Runs.  We recommend you pay special attention to Chapter 12, Logistics.  I read stuff here I never knew or perhaps due to old age have forgotten.  Make yourself smart and take the time to study this publication.

Tip # 13:  PAM XX1


Are you interested in how many warrant officer of the female gender serve in our Army?  Or how many Chief Warrant Officer Five Property Accounting Technicians (920A) are in the personnel inventory?  You can find that answer and much more by getting a PAM XX1 account thereby increasing your knowledge regarding the Army's structure.

The information below is copied direct from their home page provided above.

PAMXXI (Personnel Authorizations Module) is a force structure portal for the Army. Its purpose is to provide information on force structure, unit manning and Army demographics.



You may request a LOGON ID and PASSWORD through the PAM Helpdesk. Submit a completed NISA Form 9R. Your request will be processed through the Network Infrastructure Services Agency (NISA). For your convenience, application instructions and the Form 9R may be accessed and printed from this web site. Blank forms may be freely reproduced. NOTE: Requests may be faxed or mailed to the PAM Help Desk address below.

For questions or inquiries, you may contact any of the following:

ASM Research Inc. ATTN: PAM Help Desk 3025 Hamaker Court, Suite 100 Fairfax, VA 22031 COM (703) 645-9070, DSN 235-5103 FAX (703) 752-3007 pamhelp@asmr.com

Headquarters Department of the Army Office of the G-1 ATTN: Plans Division (DAPE-PRP) 300 ARMY PENTAGON WASHINGTON, DC 20310-0300 COM (703) 695-5762/5711 DSN 224-5762/5711

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