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INSTALLATION MANUAL Magna Charger FORD 4.6 Liter 3V Engine 2005-2009 MUSTANG

Please take a few moments to review this manual thoroughly before you begin work: A quick parts check to make certain your kit is complete (See shipper parts list in this package). If you discover shipping damage or shortage, please call our office immediately. Take a look at exactly what you are going to need in terms of tools, time, and experience. Review our limited warranty with care. When unpacking the supercharger kit DO NOT lift the supercharger assembly by the black plastic bypass actuator. This is pre-set from the factory and can be altered if used as a lifting point!

Caution: Relieve the fuel system pressure before servicing fuel system components in order to reduce the risk of fire and personal injury. After relieving the system pressure, a small amount of fuel may be released when servicing the fuel lines or connections. In order to reduce the risk of personal injury, cover the regulator and fuel line fittings with a shop towel before disconnecting. This will catch any fuel that may leak out. Place the towel in an approved container when the job is complete. Before installing your supercharger system, make sure that your vehicle has ONLY 91 octane or

higher fuel in the fuel tank.

Use only premium fuel, 91 octane or bette .

Magna Charger systems are manufactured to produce about 20 RWHP per pound of boost at sea level. High altitudes will produce different numbers.

Our Magna Charger kits are designed for engines in good mechanical condition only. Installation on high mileage or damaged engines is not recommended and may result in engine failure, for which we are not responsible. Magna Char- ger is not responsible for the engine or consequential damages.

Aftermarket engine re-calibration devices that modify fuel and spark curve (including, but not limited to programmers) are not recommended and may cause engine damage or failure. Use of non-Magna Charger approved programming will void all warranties. If you have any questions, call us.

After you finish your installation and road test your vehicle, please fill out and mail in the limited warranty card, so we can add you to our files (this is important for your protection).

  • A new fuel filter is recommended at the time of supercharger installation.

  • Stock application Motorcraft spark plugs are recommended

  • Drive belt= Gates# K061247

  • Air Filter= K&N# 33-2298

Tools Required: Metric wrench set ¼” - 3/8” and ½” drive metric socket set (Standard & Deep) 3/8” and ½” drive Foot pound and inch pound torque wrenches Phillips and flat head screwdrivers Fuel line quick disconnect tools (included in kit) Small or angled 3/8” drill motor Drain pan Hose cutters Hose clamp pliers Safety glasses

Metric Allen socket set 3/8” drive Electric drill and drill bits

Contact Information: Magnuson Products Inc Magna Charger Division 1990 Knoll Drive Ventura, CA, 93003 Sale/Tech Support (805) 289-0044 Web site: www.magnusonproducts.com www.magnacharger.com E-mail: info@magnacharger.com

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