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i) Continue through the subsequent screens to accept the license agreement and browse to a location where you want to save the hostUpgrade_<version>.iso file.

If you want to prepare the ISO for a local upgrade, complete this step. Otherwise go to Step 3, on page 4.

  • a)

    Burn the ISO image onto a writable disk (DVD or CD).

  • b)

    Connect a VGA monitor and USB keyboard to the Cisco C-Series server.

  • c)

    Insert the disk into the DVD drive of the Cisco C-Series server.

  • d)

    Go to Step 4, on page 4.

Prepare the ISO for a remote upgrade using KVM.

  • a)

    Use a browser to connect to the CIMC Manager software on the server that you are upgrading.

  • b)

    Enter the CIMC IP address for that server in the address field of the browser, then enter your user name and password.

  • c)

    Click the Launch KVM Console button in the toolbar to launch the KVM console.

  • d)

    The way you access virtual media depends on the version of the KVM Console that you are using. If the KVM Console dialog box has a VM tab, click on that tab. Otherwise, select Tools > Launch Virtual Media .

  • e)

    Click Add Image and use the dialog to select the hostUpgrade_<version>.iso file.

  • f)

    In the Client View section, check the check box in the Mapped column for the ISO file that you added and then wait for mapping to complete.

The KVM displays the progress in the Details section. g) After the ISO file appears as a mapped remote device, go to Step 4, on page 4.

Boot the server and press F6 when prompted to open the Boot Menu screen. On the Boot Menu screen, select the prepared ISO:

  • For a local upgrade, select the physical CD/DVD device and then press Enter. For example, SATA5:TSSTcorp


  • For a remote upgrade, select Cisco Virtual CD/DVD and press Enter.

The server reboots from the selected device.

The server displays a screen with the server BIOS and CIMC firmware versions. At the “Have you read the Cisco EULA” (end user license agreement)? prompt:

  • Press y to accept the EULA and continue the update.

  • Press n to read the EULA. The EULA is displayed and you are prompted to press y to continue the update, or n to

cancel. If you press n, the server will reboot without updating.

  • Press q to exit without updating. This selection reboots the server.

After you accept the EULA, the server displays the Host Upgrade Menu. On the Host Upgrade Menu, enter one of the following numbers at the Enter Choice prompt:

Option 1. Update CIMC

Description The utility selects the correct CIMC firmware for your server and then performs the upgrade.

Firmware - <version>

Wait until you see confirmation that the upgrade was successful, then either select another option from this menu or go to Step 8, on page 5.


We recommend you always upgrade the BIOS when you upgrade the CIMC firmware.

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