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Option 8 enables DHCP, Active-Active NIC redundancy, and Shared LOM NIC mode, which enables CIMC control through the 1Gb LOM ports rather than the management port. Any static IP addresses and the management port are disabled, so you lose connection with the CIMC and you must log in again to re-establish connection to the CIMC and then reopen any KVM session that you had open. After you select option 7 or 8, the server reboots. If you upgraded the CIMC firmware, the new firmware version is activated during this reboot. Note

Step 9

(Optional) If you updated the LOM firmware, you must fully power cycle the server. You can do this by:

  • Unplugging the power cords from all power supplies for a few moments and then reattaching them.

  • Using your APC device to shut off power to the server and then restore it.


The following table describes troubleshooting suggestions for issues that you might encounter.


Suggested Solution

Connection to CIMC is lost after an update and reboot and the KVM session ends.

This is expected behavior after a firmware update. Log back in to the CIMC and reestablish your KVM session.

KVM console screen goes blank when it is idle Select View > Refresh from the menu in the KVM tab to return the display

during an upgrade.

to the screen.

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