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Rose (Rudiger) Wilson died June 1992

John & Rowana Rudiger

John RudingerPres. SCA  1964

Sec. SCA 1967

CCA director 1960 - 1969

CCA director 1993 - 1999

* Charolais Honor Roll (1999)

In the Charolais Newletter May 1954 - John Rudiger wrote:

1959 was a memorable year for the Rudigers, a year that changed our lives sociallly and economically.  Socially - as we have met and made many new friends and attended many gatherings and meetings across Canada, United States and Mexico.  Economically - as we never believed that a person could go so far into debt for just a few “white animals”. For it was early February of 1959 that we travelled to Texas and purchased our first Charolais herd from the Michaelis Ranch in Kyle, Texas.  Our first importation was 8 (15/16 and purebred) heifers and a bull (Santa Claus).  They were often referred to as Santa Claus and his eight reindeer.  Being one of the pioneers of Charolais in Saskatchewan, people wondered if perhaps we weren’t off on a “wild goose chase”.  Since then we have made three more importations from Texas, and one from B.C., and our Charolais herd has increased to over 100.

Nesthyr & Sharon Rudniski*1967

NR Charolais, Saskatoon, SK

dispersal Oct 2005

Charolais Banner May 1975

Nesthyr Rudniski was raised on a mixed farm at Preeceville in Eastern Saskatchewan and is a successful businessman in Saskatoon.  The big opportunity for his business came in 1961 in Saskatoon when he started the Medical Arts Laboratory to provide a service that had previously been done only in hospitals.  What started as a single lab with a staff of two doing routine lab tests now has grown into three labs across the city with a staff of 40 conducting the most sophisticated test.

Nesthys says, “We bought Rod James’ top percentage cattle when he sold his herd and added a few Full French along the way.  These were the basis of our herd until we went with Polled cattle”.

Wayne & Cheryl Rurka*1991

Viewpoint Charolais, Evansbusg, AB

Earl (Sandy) & Elnora Russell*1978

Narcosli Charolais, Quesnel, BC

Sandy Russell Pres. BCCA 1983

Pres. BCCA 1988

Brad & Cory Rutten*1994

Cornerstone Charolais, Carlyle, SK

Brad  & Jayne (Easton) Rutten*1995

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