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In this example, let's say you worked five hours on Sunday, four hours on Tuesday, and three hours on Friday that week and the hourly rate of pay was $10. Twelve hours x $10 per hour = $120. $120 is the earnings amount you would post in item 6a. You would also fill those hours in under item 6b, along with the name and complete mailing address of the employer you worked for. In this case, Friday was the last day of work with the employer because that was the end of the work available, so you would fill in that information on the form as well.

However, if you are still working for that employer, you would fill in "still working full-time" or "still working part-time.” If you report working 40 hours or more, or noted here still working full-time, you will not be mailed a subsequent claim form. If you then become unemployed or your hours are reduced, you will need to reopen your claim and you can find out more about that on EDD's Web site.

If you fill in "still working part-time,” you still may be able to receive some UI benefits, even if your earnings are higher than your weekly benefit amount. Just report your gross wages (monies earned before taxes) and EDD will figure the amount to deduct from your benefits.

For question number seven, tell us if you would like to have federal income tax withheld for the week(s) on the claim form. This can be selected, or not, on each two week claim form. Remember, unemployment insurance benefits are taxable income.

And for question number eight, if you had a change of mailing address or phone number, mark this block and complete Section D on the back of the form. You must report a change of mailing address to avoid delay in receiving your benefit checks.

The next tip: Don't forget to sign the form and keep your signature within the space provided. Many times signatures accidentally mark question number seven or number eight, which could result in the scanner marking those answers as yes. This could result in a delay and reduction in your payment. After providing your signature in the space provided, then, carefully remove the perforated portions of the form, fold it only where it was folded when you received it, insert the form into the provided envelope, and make sure the EDD address appears in the envelope window.

Do NOT send the form to any other address or send via overnight mail as this could delay your payment.

Also, please don't include any other forms or correspondence with the continued claim form. We understand you may have questions or concerns you want to share about your claim. We strongly encourage you to submit your questions to us online by using the “Contact Us” feature on our Web site. If you have any

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