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Section 3035 - Verification – The Summary Verification Chart is changed to state that the AU’s statement is accepted for student status if the student is enrolled in an institution of higher education. The “Note” under the liquid resources section has been changed to state that TPS policy applies only to AUs that are not categorically eligible for benefits.

Section 3105 - Application Processing – The Face-to Face Interview Waiver requirements have been included in this section.  Participation is defined as the AU having their EBT card, PIN, and benefits available in their EBT account by the 7th day for expedited applications and by the 30th day for un-expedited applications following the date of application. COMPASS application procedures have been added to Chart 3105.3, Application Filing Procedures.

Section 3110 – Expedited Application Processing – This section adds the screening and interviewing requirements for COMPASS applications.  Procedures are changed to verify identity prior to conducting an interview for expedited applications.

Section 3245 – Students – Verification requirements changed to accept the AU’s statement of student status.  A student is exempt if responsible for the care of a child age six but under12 with no adequate childcare and the student must comply with work requirements by working 20 hours per week as employed or self-employed or by participating in work study.   Form 875 is no longer used to verify educational income and expenses but may be used to establish a student’s eligibility through the work study exemption.

Section 3320 – Citizenship/Alien Status – This section adds the eligibility criteria for Afghan and Iraqi aliens. Effective 12/26/07, Iraqi and Afghan aliens were granted special immigrant status under section 101(a)(27) of the INA.  The period of eligibility for Iraqi aliens cannot exceed eight months, and the period of eligibility for Afghan aliens cannot exceed six months.  Effective 3/11/09, Afghan aliens admitted under the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009 are extended eligibility from six months to eight months.  

Section 3355 – ABAWDS – The ABAWD charts for mandatory and waived counties have been removed due to the statewide waiver and ARRA provisions.

Section 3405 - Resources – Retirement accounts excluded by the 2008 Farm Bill have been added to Chart 3405.1, Types of Resources.

Section 3520 – SSA Prisoner Verification – Policy added to address prisoner alerts at initial application and review based on simplified reporting requirements.

Section 3614 – Excess Medical Deductions – Policy added that mileage to and from the doctor’s office or pharmacy may be allowed as a medical deduction and that verification of medical expenses, which are $35 or less, is not required if the expense will not result in a deduction.

Section 3630 – Sponsored Aliens – Verification requirement changed to no longer require income verification if support is not received from the sponsor when making a determination of indigence.

Section 3710 – Reviews - Policy changed to state that a timely review must be completed in sufficient time for the AU to access benefits in its normal issuance cycle.  Timely reviews may be completed no later than in sufficient time for an eligible AU to participate by its normal issuance cycle or notified of ineligibility by the 30th day after date of last issuance cycle.    The requirement for a yearly face to face interview has been removed. A telephone interview may be conducted.  The requirement to provide 2nd interview appointment prior to the 15th of the month has been

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