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Many of our DEB students donate their “spare time” on behalf of the Biotechnology Program and BioTech SYSTEM outreach activities. These include annual activities such as Picnic Day, Teen Biotech Challenge, under-represented minority recruitment, high school e-mentoring, etc. Our thanks go out to them for lending us their expertise, time, hard work, and dedication to these activities. Some of them that have helped us out this past year include:

High school student mentoring: Lucas Arzola, Barbara Bailus, Timothy Butterfield, Jeffrey Chan, Astra Chang, Chris Cunningham, Rena Goodman, Dmitry Grapov, Dominik Green, Thuc Nghi Nguyen, Juan Sanchez, Erin Schwartz, David Sela, Sunny Shah, Padmini Sirish, Chris Simmons, John Strum, Breanna Wallace, Tracy Zeng

TBC volunteers: Butterfield, Leonela

Lisa Anderson,


Carriedo, Elenor


Bailus, Patricia

Marta Bjornson, Candace Burke, Timothy Castillo, Elenor Castillo, Xiaoyan Chen, Yu-

Shen Cheng, Aiza Go, Rena Goodman, Dominik Green, Silvia Hilt, Silvia Hilt, Laura Ho, Larry Joh, Lyndsey Kirk, Rashida Lathan, Sarah Lockwood, Daniël Melters, Bernadette Nera, Alanna O’Leary, Alina Rabinovich, Joe Ramahi, Shailise Ross, Erin Schwartz, Sunny Shah, Serena Shua, Padmini Sirish, Vu Trinh, Ambrose Williams, Ambrose Williams, Cui “Tracy” Zeng, and Nancy Zeng

Picnic Day volunteers: Danielle Aldredge, Geoffrey Benn, Timothy Butterfield, Leonela Carriedo, Shannon Ceballos, Joy Chen, Yu-Shen Cheng, Neha Dixit, Dawn Fedor, Aiza Go, Dominik Green, Victor Haroldsen, Serenus Hua, Geetika Joshi, Nate Kingsbury, Edna Lamsen, Jared Moore, Mary Moore, Diana Morales- Hernandez, Bernadette Nera, Charles Nwosu, Charity Onore, Alina Rabinovich, Joe Ramahi, JohnPatrick Rogers, Shailise Ross, Juan Sanchez, Erin Schwartz. Erin Tapley, Vu Trinh, Breanna Wallace, Mark Wolf, Shuai Wu, and Siwei Zhao.


The Collaborative Research and Education in Agricultural Technologies (CREATE), a NSF IGERT training program, supports doctoral students at UC Davis and Tuskegee University, working in three focus areas of plant biotechnology: Biofuels & Biorefineries; Plant-Made Products; and Environmental Sustainability.

In 2010, there were many reasons for CREATE participants to celebrate! Lucas Arzola and team won the Big Bang Business Plan competition for their company, Inserogen. Several trainees passed their qualifying exams and presented their work at national conferences.

LaKisha Odom, a Tuskegee trainee working on disease-resistance in cotton, joined our international partners at Teagasc (Carlow, Ireland) for a four month internship. Trainees are required to take a minimum 3 month internship at a industry, institute or cross-college site. Emphasis is placed on knowing transgenic plant technologies, but also the global, policy, IP and regulatory issues that impact work in this field.

The final cohort of UC Davis trainees will be selected in Nov 2010. New trainees will join the following colleagues:


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