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January 2004



Some thoughts about bamboo fishing & rodmaking

Text & Photos by Marcelo Calviello

Always, when I’m working in my shop my computer is connected to the Internet in the Rodmakers list and Bamboo Forums. Time to time when I’m waiting on the oven process or dip- ping rod sections in varnish I take a look at new things, new thinking, tools and bamboo philosophy. I mean the dif- ferent ways that different people feel about cane rods and rodmaking. Also, I make my posts trying to help find answers. Some of the conclu- sions I make are full of passion. Passion for the work, for the fishing, for new experience, for our great rods…

I feel that we are the owners of a very special touch. We can feel things in a different way. We appreciate the forms, the making process, the finish, and we can imagine that rod casting and fishing. I write sometimes that fishing a good bamboo rod is an accumulation of many kinds of sensations. Just for me, it’s not im- portant to take a fish when I’m casting a good cane rod. I can do it for weeks just for the pleasure of the casting feel- ing. Also when we are walking trying to find a rising fish or special spots, we can’t stop looking at our rod. We al- ways find new things that make that perfect communion between the man and his tools. That cane that is now really a part of our body takes perhaps many hours into the rod maker’s proc- ess. Many hours full of passion and love of our craft have come before.

Any rod I start to make is a new timeline in my rod maker history. Be- cause of my hand planing process I’m really in contact with that piece of grass. I can feel it’s behavior and make a true sense of what taper it will work better with. Also the flaming process can show us what kind of character that will in turn become its personality in the long build- ing process. So we are really making something dead into a full of life ‘Bamboo Fishing Rod”. I will emphasize this be- cause “fishing” is the real thing that will turn that rod into life again.

In two recent post to Clarks Classic Forum I said that rodmaking is a “Magic Art” and that “We are helping to make a new Bamboo age”.

The “Magic Art”

Sure it is, love and passion for our rods is always surrounding our shop and turns this Craft into an Art. You know that I'm one of the first in our community to push for new techniques and investiga- tion. Always I point my search to new ta- pers, materials and action. I also love digital dial indicators, calipers and mi- crometers, wrapping machines, binders, drying cabinets, block planes, etc. But there is a thin area where I think we can lose the "magic". Our job is just a sum of magic moments, mystery, test, frustration and happiness.

I for my part will always try to

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“So we are really making something dead into a full of life ‘Bamboo Fishing Rod’.”

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