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January 2004



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keep these glorious moments because they are part of the game. When I have a culm I inspect it looking for power fibers, sounds, the node distribution, marks, etc. I decide how to flame it and then what taper is appropriate for it. It’s like looking how to make better im- provements to help that transformation from dead to alive, and really feeling my expectations. I do all my rods by hand planing and this puts me in real contact with the new "to be born" rod.

I also love the other magic moments, when we confirm or not, testing the blank aptitude and know if the work was done or not. I'm not trying to say that we are some kind of "Harry Potter", but we are the owners of part of the mystery.

I think I was born to do this, and I'm sure many of you feel the same. For that rea- son I think that our hands can feel a good piece of wood, a culm, we can make strips, flame, and straighten nodes, plane to thin dimensions, glue and dress our cane. I think that many new machines will attempt to make the magic, and we cannot let this happen. If any of you feel the same, help to pro- tect this art, improve it and not just make it "simple". I think that many good moments are still to come for bamboo.

So if we feel that we are the owners of the magic secrets and honor all the teachings of our predecessors, we have to fight to let the art continue

like an art, the art of making magic fish- ing bamboo rods

" A man that work with his hands is a worker, a man that work with his hands and his thoughts is a craftsman, but a man that work with his hands, his thoughts and his heart is an artist".

Never will my "art" turn into a "repetitive craft". I never will make one more of my rods if I feel like that some- time. If you do not consider yourself a "gifted individual," it may be difficult to keep yourself out of the box. Come on man! You can do it! For example, today one of my rods is going to Japan, really a very difficult and new market for one of my rods.


What a great word. Per- haps this turns my work into "art"? I love my work. All my life I waited for these years to come. As a bamboo fly fisherman, as a bamboo rod collector, I read all the books that I could find and tested all the rods that I could for about 35 years.

I used to work with art for most of my life, as an owner of an advertising company, and then because of the "passion" I became a rod maker for my own pleasure. Then the difficult eco- nomic situation in Argentina turned the hobbyist rod maker into a full-time shop. I had to make all my shop tools by hand and I promised myself not ever forget that passion I use to make my own rods,

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“I think I was born to do this, and I'm sure many of you feel the same. “

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