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January 2004



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when I made the decision to sell my rods to other fishermen. "Passion." What a wonder- ful word! This turn problems into solutions, little boxes into really big ones, and some- times you can make something new too, but the most important is the feeling that you are doing what you love, the art of making magic bamboo fishing rods.

Everyone can learn to speak and write, but only a few can do poetry; everyone can learn to run, but only a few can run the 100 meters in less than 10 seconds. Somebody will say, “the secret is in the planing form.” Yes, and the selection of the culm, the split- ting, the flaming proc- ess, the straightening method, the design of the appropriate taper, the oven treatment, the gluing, the varnish, the wraps and the making of all your rod components.

I think if rodmaking is so easy, what are the classes for? Four days, 4 months, four years or a century? Do you really think that you can learn rodmaking in 4 days? Or are classes for getting information about all the steps you have to sort in the making process?

The beauty of the music we can play depends not on the material of our instrument. It depends on how open our minds are to un- derstanding and feeling all the sounds we are playing.

1. I don't use Tonkin. I make my rods with a new kind of cane that grows in my country. Just for breaking the rules and because it really works like Tonkin.


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    I make all my ferrules with bamboo, just for the pleasure of doing it, and getting away from the rules, and because I get a really new action and a great power trans- ference.

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    I make all my components, just because I love that my rods own that personal touch.

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    I make all my own tapers, because of my ferrule design, and not to offend any of the old masters. That way I can feel that my rods are really my creation.

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    Sorry, I don't spin my own silk, just be- cause Pearsalls does it better.

The owners of the pas- sion feel like this, and many fishermen around the world will fish and enjoy the results of our making, building or that magic that we feel and name art; the "magic" art of making bamboo fish- ing rods.

Well, you and others, as passionate about bamboo like me, must forgive me for my Latin soul. I couldn't imagine myself thinking in "strictly speaking" terms. As I’ve said many times, I was a bamboo rod collector for many years. Many excellent cane rods from the most famous rod makers passed through my hands along my life. My beginnings with fly- fishing were with bamboo rods, and I feel some- thing very special for them. Then when I made the decision to make my own, something in my heart said that I have to do something different. Just take all the knowledge received during my life as a fisherman and collec- tor. Put all my efforts and continue with the "magic" craft, that years later would become an art for me. (I feel like this and it doesn't mean that everyone as a rule has to think the same).

Like I cannot consider fly-fishing as a

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