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January 2004



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sport, I couldn't think of a rod as a tool (again, my “no strictly speaking”). For me fly-fishing is a way of life and a good cane rod, that perhaps will be with me for the rest of my life, is much more important than a simple tool.

As you are probably thinking, without this passion and creativity per- haps never would I have finished my first rod. But you know, the great riv- ers were there; the great fish waiting, the passion and also be- cause I tie my own flies, I thought, "just do it". Imag- ine that, in Ar- gentina...

Well it’s ok for those of you who don’t think the same about little boxes, rules, creativity, passion, work, craft and art. One of the things that fill me with passion is trying to go on with the learning from the masters. Those great gentlemen were masters in work- ing with all the things that involved their creations. This is what I'm trying to do. Just break the rules, always stay- ing in the background that they leave we can find many new things to make, design, change or test (materials, ac- tions, tools, etc). They are there, only we have to do our part.

I find the magic in every step of rodmaking, because we are taking a dead piece of grass, with our passion, into a full of life bamboo fishing rod.

Sometimes in my life, because of the kind of fish I was fishing for (ie: pea- cock bass in Amazon rivers) I had to use graphite rods. Oh man, that was so me- chanical, every cast the same as the pre- vious one. Please God, I want little rivers and a little bamboo rod, fish will be wel- come but certainly they aren’t a necessity to have a great time.

How many times during winter time do we find ourselves opening our rod tubes just to take a look to our rods, how they are, feeling its ac- tion, touching his grip, look- ing at them like idiots? This also is the “magic” I’m trying to ex- plain. But feel- ings are just that, and are a personal touch that we came with.

We can help with the Bamboo new age

A few days ago when I dropped off a letter to Mr. Bob Maulucci and Mr. Todd Talsma some new thinking emerged, and I want to share it with the friends of the list. Every day I spend some time in forums reading about our passion, Bamboo rods and Bamboo rod making. Every time I get something to increase my knowledge, and I must say thanks for that. I have said many times that in my country it’s very difficult to share or exchange information, tips, tools, etc. I'm a full time rod maker and I live off my work. Lately I've been read- ing discussions about antique and new,

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“I find the magic in every step of rodmaking”

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