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filly: Coleraine Coalfire 1, N & L Turner’s Eyreleigh Finnoula 2, N & L Turner’s Eyreleigh Lissadel 3.  Gelding, Four years and over: Thornfield Chatsworth 1.  Best paced: Coniston Maisie 1, Northwood Jet Stream 2, Coleraine Coalfire 3, Thornfield Chatsworth 4, Ashfield Rata 5. Progeny group - group of two horses, any age by the same stallion or two out of same mare: Lesley Spence & Sarah Stone’s Coalmans Touch group 1, SJ & LM Clark / AW & DP Scott’s Coalmans Touch group 2. Hunter or Irish foal futurity: Julie Luxton’s Carnac 1, Thornfield Bram 2, Quintessential 3, Twin Blues Touch of Kings 4, Twin Blues Grace O’Malley 5. Hunter or Irish yearling futurity: Twin Blues Celtic King 1.  

Warmblood(Judge: Belinda Holmes, Timaru)

Supreme Warmblood: J Batchelor’s S.E.Grissini. Champion adult: Donna Herring’s Evander Juno’s Affair; reserve: Karen Withell’s Astek Cajoule. Champion youngstock: S.E.Grissini; reserve: Watson family’s Reminisce. Champion gelding: NE Jack’s Cottesloe; reserve: J Batchelor’s S.E.Repecharge. Best turnout of horse and handler: Reminisce 1, S.E.Grissini 2, S.E.Repecharge 3, NE Jack’s Cottesloe 4.  Mare 3 years old with or without a foal at foot: Astek Cajoule 1. Mare, 4 years and over, with or without foal at foot: Evander Juno’s Affair 1.  Yearling colt or filly: S.E.Grissini 1, Rebecca Rowlands’ Kinsella Lakeisha 2, Rebecca Rowlands’ Kinsella Razi 3.  Two year old colt or filly: Reminisce 1, Rebecca Rowlands’ Kinsella Lavita 2. Gelding 2 years and under: S.E.Repecharge 1.  Gelding, 3 years and over: Cottesloe 1. Best paced adult (4 years and over): Evander Juno’s Affair 1.  Best paced youngstock (3 years and under): Astek Stud’s Astek Ghisella 1, Reminisce 2, Astek Stud’s Astek Gymbya 3, Cottesloe 4, Kinsella Lavita 5.  Progeny group - two horses any age, by the same stallion or two out of the same mare: Astek Stud’s Gym Bello group 1, Littoria /

Hackney (Judge: Mrs Nola Wallace)

Supreme hackney: JM Riley / WH Beck’s Melrose Fire Storm. Champion adult: Melrose Fire Storm; reserve: Hillview Rose Haven. Champion Gelding: Kelly Brass’ Culmolu Armani.  Best Foal: Kelly Brass’ Alize Tailor Made.  Best turnout of horse and handler: Melrose Fire Storm 1, Culmolu Armani 2.  Hackney stallion four years and over: Melrose Fire Storm 1.  Hackney mare, four years and over: Hillview Rose Haven 1. Foal, 50% hackney blood or more: Alize Tailor Made 1. Gelding three years and over: Culmolu Armani 1.  Best actioned hackney: Melrose Fire Storm 1, Culmolu Armani 2.  

Standardbred             (Judge: Mr Chas Cooling, Rakaia)

Supreme Standardbred: JH & EA Chappell’s Sweet Temptation. Champion adult: Sweet Temptation; reserve: Pauline Pattullo’s Brookland Beauty. Champion gelding: Julie Smith’s Simply Ed; reserve: Campbell Family’s Image. Best turnout of horse and handler: Simply Ed 1, Sweet Temptation 2, Image 3, Brookland Beauty 4. Dry mare, 4 years and over: Sweet Temptation 1, Brookland Beauty 2. Yearling and two year old gelding: N Bol / K Gosney’s Al’Nair Milagro 1, Sally Marks’ Sun of Cee Cee 2.  Gelding, three years and over: Simply Ed 1, Image 2, Julie de Filippi’s Village Chief 3.  Best paced Standardbred: Simply Ed 1, Image 2, Sweet Temptation 3, Village Chief 4.

Arabian(Judge: Mrs Heather Ringland, Christchurch)

Supreme arabian: Lara Nicholson’s Ranzau Eclipse. Supreme purebred arabian: Angela Lagerberg’s Desert Star’s Bint Narelle. Supreme arabian gelding: . Champion part bred or anglo arab gelding: Lisa McMurray’s Impulse Groove. Champion purebred gelding: Donna Evans’ Willowvale Dhahran; reserve: Monese Ball’s Marko Shaw.  Champion partbred or Anglo Arab adult: Ranzau Eclipse; reserve: Alasaan Luscious Bee. Champion Partbred or Anglo arab youngstock: Alasaan Performance Horse’s Alasaan Supanova. Champion purebred adult: Desert Star’s Bint Narelle; reserve: Caitlin Dalton’s Tandara Namirah. Best turnout of horse and handler: Ranzau Eclipse 1, Monese Ball’s Rayjan Heath 2, Sue Oliver’s Dellview Lahzeeb Namira 3, Marko Shaw 4. Partbred or Anglo arab mare, 3 years and over: Ranzau Eclipse 1, Alasaan Luscious Bee 2, Myra Webster’s Oread Selene 3.   Partbred or Anglo arab foal: Marion van Nobelen’s Kira Feie 1, Balmacaan Trakehners’ Liebault BT 2.  Partbred or Anglo arab yearling, colt or filly: Alasaan Supernova 1.  Partbred or Anglo arab gelding three years and over: Impulse Groove 1.  Purebred gelding, yearling or two year old: Dellview Lahzeeb Namira 1. Purebred gelding, three years and over: Willowvale Dhahran 1, Marko Shaw 2, Rayjan Heath 3. Purebred stallion, 3 years and over: Angela Lagerberg’s Desert Star’s Sheikh el Shaklan 1. Purebred mare, three years and over, with or without foal at foot: Desert Star’s Bint Narelle 1, Tandara Namirah 2, Angela Lagerberg’s SS Masi 3. Purebred foal: Angela Lagerberg’s Desert Star’s Quicksilver 1, Angela Lagerberg’s Desert Star’s Nabil 2. Best paced arabian: Dellview Lahzeeb 1, Alasaan Supanova 2, Impulse Groove 3, Alasaan Luscious Bee 4, Liebault BT 5.. Progeny class – group of two registered Arabians by the same stallion or out of the same mare: Desert Star’s Ka’shan group 1, Balmacaan Trakehners Alexanderschante group 2, Alasaan Performance Horses Alexanderschante group 3.

Welsh Purebred             (Judge: Mr Eddie Taplin, Wales)

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