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120-3-23-.01 Promulgation and Purpose - page 10 / 18





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(v) Each application shall clearly state the type of activity or activities for which the applicant desires a license or permit to perform;

    • 1)


      • Portable Extinguishers

      • Fire Protection Systems

      • Dry Chemical

      • CO2 - high – low

      • Halons

      • Wet Agents

      • Medium and High expansion foam

      • Low expansion foam

      • Deluge foam water sprinkler

      • Water spray fixed systems

      • Kitchen/Restaurant systems only

    • 2)

      Inspecting Portable Fire Extinguishers; Fire Protection Systems

      • Kitchen/Restaurant Systems only

    • 3)

      Altering, repairing, recharging, servicing, maintaining or testing

      • Portable Fire Extinguishers; Fire Protection Systems

      • CO2 Extinguishers or Systems

      • Hydrostatic testing for low pressure cylinders

      • Hydrostatic testing for high pressure cylinders

      • Halon Extinguishers or Systems

      • Dry chemical Extinguishers or Systems

      • Pressurized water

      • Kitchen/Restaurant Systems only

      • Other

  • (vi)

    Should the basic application form not be adequate for this purpose, the

applicant may attach a detailed statement to the application form provided by the Commissioner. This attached statement shall be sworn to a required for the basic application.


(a) Any firm or individual holding a valid license or permit desiring to perform an

activity not covered by the current permit may submit an application for an amended license or permit at any time between January 1 and November 1. November 1 shall be the deadline for filing applications for renewing an annual license or permit.

(b) The provisions of these rules and regulations relating to the requirements for obtaining a license or permit shall apply to applications for an amended license or permit. The fee for an amended license or permit shall be $50.00 and $25.00 respectively.

(c) The fees for an amended license or permit shall not apply if the new activity or activities are included in an application for a renewal of the annual license or permit. The application for renewal must be accompanied by the proof of training and other applicable documentation regarding the activity or activities desired to be included on the


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