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120-3-23-.01 Promulgation and Purpose - page 14 / 18





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also note agent weight verification due date and hydrostatic testing due date as applicable. Suppression system control panels shall note battery replacement due date as applicable. Control panel batteries shall be marked in permanent marking ink with the date of installation.


Any fire extinguisher or fire suppression system that has not been maintained in

its original design capacity or expanded to meet an expanded hazard shall be tagged with a non-compliance tag. Non-compliance tags shall be red in color and shall be at least three (3) inches by five and one-half (5 1/2) inches. The non-compliance tag shall be attached to the fire extinguisher or fire suppression system by a wire or plastic retainer. These tags shall not be affixed directly to the extinguisher shell or to a system cylinder by adhesion. Where a multiple cylinder system is involved, the tag requirements shall apply to each cylinder and control panel applicable. The non-compliance tag shall remain on the fire extinguisher or fire suppression system until it is in compliance with the applicable standards of the National Fire Protection Association referenced in Section

120-3-23-.04. The following information shall be recorded on the non-compliance tag:

(a) Name, street address, mailing address (if different from the street address), phone number, and license number of the firm servicing the extinguisher or system;

(b) Name and permit number of the person who serviced the extinguisher or


(c) Serial number of the extinguisher or, as appropriate, the cylinder of a system if available;

  • (d)

    Clear indication of the reason for the non-compliance;

  • (e)

    Indication of the type of extinguisher or system involved;

  • (f)

    The month, day, and year the service was performed; and

  • (g)

    The words “DO NOT REMOVE”.

120-3-23-.06 Compliance with Rules and Regulations; Suspension or Revocation of

Licenses and Permits; Penalties


(a) The violation of any provision of Chapter 12 of Title 25 of the Official Code

of Georgia, or any rule or regulation adopted and promulgated pursuant thereto, by any person who possesses a license of permit is cause for revocation or suspension of such licenses or permit by the Commissioner.

(b) An order of suspension shall state the period of time of such suspension, which period may not be in excess of one year from the date of such order.


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