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(c) An order of revocation shall state the period of time of such revocation, which period may not be in excess of two years from the date of the order.

(d) Such order shall effect suspension or revocation of the license or permit then held by the person. During such period no license or permit shall be issued to such person.

(e) If, during the period between the beginning of proceedings and the entry of an order of suspension or revocation by the Commissioner, a new license or permit has been issued to the person so charged, the order of suspension or revocation shall operate effectively with respect to such new license or permit held by such person.

(f) In addition to the grounds set forth above (a), it is cause for revocation or suspension of a license or permit by the Commissioner if he determines that the licensee or permittee has:

(i) Rendered inoperative a fire suppression system or portable fire extinguisher covered by these rules and regulations, except during a reasonable time the system or extinguisher is being inspected, recharged, repaired, serviced, or tested;

(ii) Falsified any record required to be maintained by Chapter 12 of Title 25 of the Official Code of Georgia or these rules and regulations;

(iii) Improperly installed, recharged, repaired, serviced, or tested a fire suppression system or portable fire extinguisher;

(iv) While holding a permit or license, allowed another person to use the permit or license, permit number or license number, used a license or permit, or used a license number or permit number other than his/her own valid license or permit or license number or permit number;

(v) Used credentials, methods, means, or practices to impersonate a representative of the Commissioner or the state fire marshal or any other local fire chief, fire marshal, or other fire authority having jurisdiction;

(vi) Failed to maintain the minimum comprehensive liability insurance coverage as set forth in paragraph (3) of section 25-12-11 of Chapter 12 of Title 25 of the Official Code of Georgia and in these rules and regulations.


(a) Any person, firm or corporation which violates any provision of Chapter 12 of

Title 25 of the Official Code of Georgia or any order, rule, or regulation of the Commissioner shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.


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