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  • (b)

    It shall also constitute a misdemeanor willfully or intentionally to:

  • (i)

    Obliterate the serial number on a fire suppression system or portable

fire extinguisher for the purpose of falsifying service records;

(ii) Improperly install a fire suppression system or improperly recharge, repair, service, or test any such suppression system or any such portable fire extinguisher;

(iii) While holding a permit or license, allow another person to use the permit or license or permit number or license number or to use a license of permit or license number or permit number other than his/her own valid license or permit or license number or permit number:

(iv) Use or permit the use of any license by an individual or organization other than the one to whom the license is issued;

(v) To use any credential, method, means, or practice to impersonate a representative of the Commissioner or State Fire Marshal or any local fire chief, fire marshal, or other fire authority having jurisdiction; or

(vi) To engage in the business of installing, inspecting, recharging, repairing, servicing, or testing portable fire extinguishers or fire suppression systems except in conformity with the provisions of Chapter 12 of Title 25 of the Official Code of Georgia and these rules and regulations.

120-3-23-.07 Local Jurisdictions


Nothing in Chapter 12 of Title 25 of the Official Code of Georgia or in these rules

and regulations limits the power of a municipality, a county, or the state to require the submission and approval of plans and specifications or to regulate the quality and character of work performed by contractors through a system of permits, fees, and inspections otherwise authorized by law for the protection of the public health and safety.


No municipality or county shall impose any other requirements on persons

licensed or permitted by the Commissioner as set forth in Chapter 12 of Title 25 of the Official Code of Georgia to prove competency to conduct any activity covered by said

license or permit.


Any official of any municipality or county who discovers violations or receives

complaints should report the information to the Safety Fire Division of the Commissioner

of Insurance.


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