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  • (2)

    DOT means the United States Department of Transportation.

  • (3)

    Engineered Fire Suppression System means any fire suppression system having

pipe lengths, number of fittings, number and types of nozzles, suppression agent flow rates, and nozzle pressures as determined by calculations derived from the appropriate standards of the National Fire Protection Association, whether those calculations are performed by hand or by a computer program or by other method of calculation. These systems may consist of other components, including, but not limited to, detection devices, alarm devices, and control devices as tested and approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory and shall be manufacturer listed as compatible with the fire suppression system involved.


Fire Suppression System means any fire-fighting system employing a suppression

agent with the purpose of controlling, suppression, or extinguishing a fire in a specific hazard. The suppression agent shall be a currently recognized agent or water additive required to control, suppress, or extinguish a fire. The term fire suppression system shall include engineered and pre-engineered systems as defined in these rules and regulations

and shall not include those systems addressed in Chapter 11 of Title 25.


Firm means any business, person, partnership, organization, association,

corporation, or individual.

  • (6)

    Hydrostatic Testing means testing by hydrostatic means.

  • (7)

    High pressure cylinder means cylinders and cartridges containing nitrogen or

compressed air at a service pressure higher than 500 psig at 70 degrees F.


Kitchen/Restaurant Systems means fire extinguishing equipment as outlined in

National Fire Protection Association Standard 96, Standard for Removal of Smoke and

Grease-Laden Vapors from Commercial Cooking Equipment.


License means the document issued by the Commissioner which authorizes a firm

to engage in the business of installation, repair, alteration, recharging, inspection, maintenance, service or testing of fire suppression systems or portable fire extinguishers.


Low Pressure Cylinder means those cylinders having and operating pressure of

500 psig or less.

  • (11)

    NAFED means National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors.

  • (12)

    NFPA means National Fire Protection Association.

  • (13)

    NICET means National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies.


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