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F. An adequate supply of extinguishing agents appropriate for the types of extinguishers or systems the firm requests to fill, and facilities for the proper storage of extinguishing agents as set forth by the specifications from the agent manufacturer.

  • G.

    Commercial dry nitrogen supply [ -60 degrees F (51.1 degrees

  • C)

    dew point or less] and pressure regulator with supply and regulated

pressure gages suitable for properly pressurizing portable fire extinguishers, or as appropriate, fire suppression systems.

H. Equipment for leak testing pressurized extinguishers and/or system cylinders.

I. Adequate adapters, fittings, tools and equipment required for properly servicing, repairing, maintaining and or recharging all extinguishers or systems the firm solicits or accepts for service, repair, maintenance and/or recharge. These needs shall be based on the service or recharge specifications of the extinguisher or system manufacturer.

J. Adequate closed recovery system(s) and storage to remove and store chemicals from extinguisher or system cylinders during servicing.

K. Adequate inventory of spare parts to include system detector and control parts as applicable.

L. A copy of applicable standards of the National Fire Protection Association, and copies of installation, service and maintenance manuals from the manufacturer of each make or brand of extinguisher or system the firm installs, services, recharges, repairs, or maintains.

M. Adequate supply of required service, maintenance and test tags meeting the provisions of these rules and regulations.

(ii) If the applicant includes in the request for a license the service, maintenance, repair or recharge of CO2 fire extinguishers or systems, the following equipment shall be provided at the service location(s) in addition to the appropriate minimum equipment required in (i).

A. CO2 cascade system for proper filling of CO2 extinguishers and/or system cylinder. Alternate systems based on new technology may be used provided the level of safety prescribed by the appropriate standard is not lowered and the system is approved by the Commissioner after being evaluated. NOTE: The provisions in (ii) is not intended to apply to a firm that accepts CO2 extinguishers and/or cylinders for recharge by another firm which is licensed and equipped to provide this service. The


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