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Monthly Newsletter of the Clovis Seventh-day Adventist Church

October 2008

Volume 1, Issue 2

By Pastor Dale Leamon

September - what a whirlwind of activity. In spite of families adjusting to school schedules and taking advantage of long and warm weekends for the last summer weather outings, the church has not slumbered. The month began appropriately with the Pathfinder open house and watermelon/corn feed. The two hour rotating volleyball game was the best ever according to John and Lonnette Stahl. But I think the kids most enjoyed soaking everyone with water balloons and hydro guns. Thanks Leonore and staff for the great picnic.

News we’ve been waiting for: we paid off our parking lot debt this month. Shirley Linder, our treasurer smiled broadly as she announced that we had paid the last payment on that $175,000 project.

Of course we’ve been waiting for two years to reach this moment so that we could proceed with more essential work on our facility. Accordingly, the church in business session on Saturday evening the 20th voted to move forward on replacing the roof over the Sabbath School/administration wing. If we can do it in time this will be the first winter in 10 years without ceiling damage. We’ll also be protecting our parking lot investment with a new seal coat. Watch this column for news of additional projects.

Mid month began another ten days of prayer. What a blessing these seasons are to participants and the church as a whole. We see evidence in many lives that the Lord has heard our heartfelt pleas for His Spirit. Our emphasis was prayer for the

Inside this Issue:

Page 2: W a t e r m e l o n & C o r n F e e d

many friends of the church with whom we long to share more of the Good News. We expect to see these prayers answered as the Lord adds to His family during our fourth and final public evangelism endeavor of the year. The “Christ or Antichrist” lectures began on the 24th and will continue nightly until October 4.

Thanks for making my job so pleasant as we work together to lift up Jesus.

  • California Youth Rush

  • Ladies Night Out

Page 3:

  • Youth Outreach

  • Dan Bentzinger

  • Board Meeting

“Church Maintenance

  • Stop Smoking Clinic

By Wilbur Rilea

Page 4:

  • Barn Party

  • Ten Days of Prayer

  • Focus on Sabbath School

“Kindergarten” Page 5:

  • October Calendar

Page 6:

  • Impact Clovis Fund

  • Online Tithes

  • Sabbath Schedule


“Everyday this?” By

I pour nine meds into the final session of


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my quality of life goes down! How CHIP program, Ron had learned

can I how.

Improvement in his diabetes, heart problem, and hypertension allowed his meds to 6 with the advice, “Keep on doing what you are doing.” (Now, three meds have been cut in half!) Ron hopes to eliminate all of his medicines as

doctor to reduce his 9 months later, two other he practices the simple

life-style how-to’s learned at CHIP. Ron’s (Eleven were your fellow church members.)










Can you identify with Ron’s “9 meds?” Do you have a relative, friend, co-worker, or neighbor who can? If so, plan to attend, and invite them, to the next CHIP program, to be held between October 20 and November 20. You, too, were designed to have quality living that contributes to spiritual growth! And, fewer $$$’s spent on meds will return your CHIP investment and also add to your financial quality of life.

(Pre-sessions on October 9, 13-16 at 7:00 pm; Regular meetings Mon-Thurs, Oct 20-Nov 13 at 7:00 pm)

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