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Youth Outreach in the Park By Bryan Dawson, Youth Pastor

On the evening of September 5th, the Clovis youth group, Four:12, which has formed an evangelism team called C-4:12 Y.E.T., held a free community event in our park on the lawn. For those of you who don’t know, C-4:12 Y.E.T. is an acronym that is packed with meaning. C stands for Clovis; 4:12 is our youth group name and comes from 1 Timothy 4:12 (which boils down to being the example of the Christian to everyone); and Y.E.T. stands for Youth Evangelism Team. And did you pick up on the beginning of the name, C-4? Let me explain that. C-4 is an extremely explosive plastic compound. So what

this all boils down to is an Explosive Youth Evangelism Team that upholds the values of 1 Timothy 4:12 and whose goal is to reach the youth of Clovis for Christ. God has raised these young people up for such a time as this. But back to the community event. On September 5th we held a community movie night. We advertised to the community a free film that would be shown here in our park with free food and drinks, specifically for the youth of our community. The movies we are showing are all about God, the universe, and how amazing He is. We took the screen we use for evangelistic meetings and a projector, along with portable speakers, and set up our own theatre in the park. Using these Christ-centered films, about our galaxy and beyond as well as many other topics, our goal is to reach as many of the youth in Clovis this year as possible. We are planning on doing several of these free events throughout the coming months leading up to June of next year. Then our youth are going to hold their own evangelistic meetings where they will be doing the preaching! Praise God! Our first run on the 5th was great. We had about 50 people show up, most of who were church members. But we still had 4 non-Adventists that came. Four souls that have been added to our contact list and one possible bible study that we are following up on. Please pray that these events will grow each time. Our next event will be in late October.

Dan Bentzinger from It Is Written Ministries Visits with Clovis Church

September 15th Board Meeting


During the evening of Tuesday, September 9th, the Church had the opportunity to meet with Dan Bentzinger, of It Is Written Ministries. Dan’s wife, Gloria, was also supposed to be present, but was unable to attend. In January and February of 2009, Clovis SDA Church and Impact Clovis! will be sponsoring Dan and Gloria in an extraordinary evangelism series.

Plans call for the series to be held at the Clovis Veteran’s Hall between January 12th and February 14th. Meetings will be

held Monday through Thursday evenings with no








weekend morning

services church.

may be held at the Details are still being

Veteran’s Hall rather than at the worked out. There may even be a

special “Creation/Evolution” weekend event included. The Lord has abundantly blessed this dynamic team’s efforts in the past, and so we are excited about what God has planned for Clovis in the coming year. Please pray for Dan and Gloria and for our upcoming series and look for more information in future issues.

Dan and Gloria Bentzinger

Now we can start Phase II beginning with sealing the parking lot to maintain the new condition of the asphalt. Next will be the repair, before the rainy season begins, to the roofs on the Sabbath School classes and offices that are now leaking.

After that we can begin installing the dividers in the Fellowship Hall. We already have some monies raised for this project. When completed, some of the Sabbath School classes now meeting in the Sanctuary will be able to meet in the Fellowship Hall.

Planned for ’09 is a new electrical service to handle the increased demand during the summer heat. We have other needs that will follow the completion of these projects.

The world famous 5-Day Stop Smoking Clinic has helped thousands quit smoking the natural way. No pills, no hypnosis, no hocus pocus. The clinic will be held at the Clovis Adventist Church at 7pm at 2370 Helm Ave. in Clovis beginning Sunday October 5 through October 9. There is a $25 fee for the program. For details please phone 392-4284.

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