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Do you ever wish that you could see what fish look like from around the world? You can! Come to the Aquatic & Reptile Center at the Milwaukee County Zoo this winter. You’ll keep warm and see amazing aquariums with fish of African lakes, Wisconsin lakes, the Amazon River, the U.S. Pacific Coast, and Southeast Asia. Plus, you can see iguanas from the Caribbean, poison frogs from South America, and alligators from China. Have fun answering these questions.

  • What are the differences between fish that live in Wisconsin lakes and ones that live in the Amazon River?

  • Which lizard is one of only two venomous lizards in the world?

  • Which snake can grow up to 6 times the height of an average man?

  • Can you find Onassis, the Amazon River turtle? It is the oldest animal at the Zoo and is more than 65 years old!

They used to be called jellyfish, but they’re not fish. So now they’re just called jellies. You can see beautiful moon jellies like the ones pictured here in the Zoo’s Aquatic & Reptile Center. Now try making your own jelly.

You will need: 7-inch-diameter paper bowl Red marking pen Orange and red colored pencils or crayons Scissors Tape 5 feet of red, pink, or yellow ribbon 1 sheet (4 by 10 inches) of dark blue construction paper 1 foot of string

Step 1: Turn bowl upside down. Draw 4 circles in middle of bowl and color them in with a red pencil.

Step 2: With red marking pen, create a wavy square around the 4 circles (see photo). Draw 4 red dots as shown in photo. With red pencil, color space in between square and circles. With orange pencil, color rest of bowl. Poke tiny hole through center of bowl. Pull string through hole, so that most of string is on top. Knot string on underside of bowl so that you can hang the bowl with string.

Photos by Creative Departmen

Step 3: Cut 14 strips of ribbon, each about 2 inches long. Have an adult show you how to curl each piece of ribbon with scissors. Tape each strip of ribbon to bottom edge of bowl; keep ribbon pieces 1 inch apart.

Step 4: Cut 3 pieces of ribbon about 1 foot long and curl them just like you did with the short pieces of ribbon. Tape them to center of underside of bowl.

Step 5: To form the mouth, cut waves along one side of construction paper. Fold 2 shorter edges together to make a circle (see photo). Tape straight edge of circle to underside of bowl, around the foot-long ribbons. Now hang your jelly in the house.


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