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MAXTRON® Full Synthetic Gasoline Engine Oil

General Description

Formulated with the latest in lubricant technology, MAXTRON is now full synthetic that provides excellent performance in all automotive gasoline engines. Based on full synthetic base oil that delivers low volatility in lower viscosity oils. MAXTRON full synthetic formulation will deliver exceptional low temperature pumpability as well as superior resistance to high temperature oxidation and volatility in high-performance engines.

MAXTRON Full synthetic gasoline engine oils, SAE 5W-20, 5W-30 and SAE 10W-30 exhibit excellent cold flow performance by exceeding the SAE pumpability tests.

MAXTRON Full synthetic gasoline engine is designed for long engine life under heavy duty gasoline engine service. New improved performance documentation includes the API Service Symbol, or “donut”, with API Service SM and Improved Energy Conserving certification. These same viscosity grades carry the API Certification Mark, or “starburst” symbol or OEM ILSAC GF- 4 which most new vehicle owner manuals use to signify the motor oil service requirement for the vehicle.

Expect superior performance in:

  • Four-stroke naturally aspirated and turbocharged gasoline engines.

  • Extended drain operations.

  • Propane engines that require the API Service Classifications listed.

  • Stationary gasoline engines, such as irrigation and standby generators.


Features and Benefits

Energy Conserving: OEM, ILSAC GF-4, Starburst demonstrates maximized fuel economy. Oil Pumpability: Oil that pumps better than

required will be circulated from the crankcase to various engine areas faster during cold start-ups, therefore, preventing wear. Lower Volatility: The use of full synthetic base stock that provide lower volatility, reduces the amount of high temperature “burn-off”, limits oil consumption and reduces oxidation and high temperature deposits. Shear Stability: High shear stability limits viscosity loss from shear stress in the engine, therefore, oil viscosity is maintained. Oxidation Control: Excellent oxidation protection for higher under hood temperatures experienced by modern cars. Extended Drain: Reducing oxidation, viscosity loss from shearing and oil volatility provides an extra margin of safety for the times when oil may not be changed at the recommended drain interval. Balanced Formula: Quality balanced formula promotes engine cleanliness and extends life of emission control system. Antiwear Protection: The new low phosphorus technology reduces wear protecting highly loaded engine parts. Warranty Qualification: Meets or exceeds the warranty requirements and oil drain interval recommendations of car and light truck manufacturers. Including Ford M2C929-

A (5w-30),M2C930-a (5W-20), GM 6094M, and Chrysler MS-6395.


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