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Part Two:

From “Samples of Good and Poor KSA Responses” below, work on an example using the following list:

9 Alaska and Pacific West Regions take number one 9 Intermountain Region number two 9 Midwest and Southeast Regions number three 9 Everybody else take number four

Instructions: Using the list of KSA Tips on page 9, read through your statements and list those items that make it a good or poor KSA. Be ready to share your findings.

Samples of Good and Poor KSA Responses


Position/Series/Grade: MANAGEMENT ANALYST, GS-343-1 I Announcement: 48-X2-W3N

Factor #


Ability to gather, organize and analyze data

Example of a poor response:

Example of a good response:

During the past three years in my current position, I have had many opportunities to apply my ability to assemble data, organize it into a coherent form, and then analyze it. I have also taken advantage of the opportunity to acquire additional skills in this area through completion of specialized courses.

My present position requires that I periodically collect reports from eight regional offices on enforcement actions taken during the previous monitoring period. The data are presented in varying forms, and it is my responsibility to organize and compile the information into a uniform format. When data appear to show

inconsistencies or aberrations, I check with the submitting office to verify all information. Using Lotus 1-2-3, I then review the information to identify trends in…..

In January 1996, I completed the course, “Writing Analytical Reports," offered through the National Independent Study Center. This was a six-month course involving 24 hours of training and covering such areas as: planning an analytical report, collecting and analyzing data, identifying possible solutions to problems addressed in the report, and organizing, writing and editing the report.

Effective KSA Writing

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