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involved in periodic reports" -should the SME/promotion panel assume that this means involvement as a writer or just as a team member?). Regardless of this problem, the second response is the better of the two responses.

In each of the hypothetical responses you have just read, the second response, although the better of the two, is not the best response possible. With practice you could write an even better KSA response.

Ability to Analyze Problems and Develop Solutions.

My formal education and career are in two problem-solving disciplines: engineering and operations research. I have developed solutions to extremely complex and complicated problems by developing case studies and using analytical tools. Solved urgent and high-visibility problems that required the simultaneous application of communication, negotiation, and people skills. Use quantitative problem-solving methods, such as decision trees, statistical studies, case studies, and mathematical methods, when appropriate. Frequently these are more useful in obtaining the necessary support than in initially deciding what to do,

I was managing partner of two real estate partnerships that owned office condominiums. We had purchased the condominiums at fire-sale prices in early 1990s, primarily because the common area needed a lot of work. The object was to keep the condominiums rented, while increasing the value by fixing the common area defects. As managing partner, I had three challenges:

  • Work with the condominium association to get the improvements made

within the original budget

  • Maintain positive cash flow from rental income

  • Sell the properties at market or near-market, not fire-sale, prices

By applying negotiation and relationship skills, I was able to

  • Build cooperative relationships with other owners and work with the

construction oversight committee to get the modifications completed with no new assessments

  • Train small-business renters to pay their rent every month and not consider

the security deposit as a form of prepaid rent

  • Agree with a few owners to turn down offers at fire-sale prices for long

enough that the real estate agents would stop encouraging potential buyers to present low offers.

  • Sell the condominiums at over 40% higher than the purchase price

Effective KSA Writing

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