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2. Ability to interpret instructions, specifications, etc., (includes blueprint

reading. 07/07/91 - 09/08/96 (National Park Service)

  • Received formal training in

blueprint reading. Using layouts of bedding area, completed planting/transplanting flower beds and small shrubbery. Used appropriate material to fertile seedbeds. Pulled weeds and grass from beds. Graded area and dug water trenches around flower beds. Marked areas for planting various seeds. Removed and replaced old turf/sod in areas were heavy traffic occurred. To avoid grass/shrub drying/burning, watered during appropriate time of the day. Trimmed and shape lawns and small trees, removing dead limbs/leaves. Aerated flower beds on an as need basis. I am aware that before proceeding to plant any type of ground coverage, one must perform a soil test to determine the texture and drainage issues. The planting procedure involves various steps (i.e., season; how to handle plant material; preparation of planting hole; fertilizing techniques; watering; mulching; pruning; and monitoring the process, to ensure successful growth). In managing pest both on and off the job, I used herbicides/pesticides/insecticides such as Roundup, Weed-be-Gone, etc. in a safe manner. Attended horticulture seminars (Identifying Spring Flowers, and Principles of Horticulture). Learned different gardening techniques. Additionally, when assembling furniture (i.e., computer workstation, dressers, etc.), I’ve used appropriate specifications, without any problems. Presently, I dismantle/assemble displays and exhibits; in this capacity it is vital that instructions are interpreted accurately to accomplish the desired affect for the general public. Without the benefit of overtime, work was performed in a 6 to 8 hour a day timeframe. These duties are performed in a highly professional manner.

3. Ability to use and maintain tools and equipment.

As Laborer with the National Park Service, and while performing work around the house, I’ve used -- manual/power driven lawnmowers, edgers, and trimmers to maintain small areas. Used hatchets, handsaws, clippers, and other cutting tools to clear small trees and bushes. Utilize shears (manual/electric) to trim/shape trees and shrub. Utilize portable compressed-air sprayer for pest control operations. Use rake and electric blower to gather leaves and dispose of

properly. Use small lawnmower tractors to cut grass, operate pickup trucks to transport supplies and materials. After using tools and equipment, I

always wash, clean, and oil if

life of

the items.


necessary to prevent rust, and prolong I inspect the tool and/or equipment be

the using


to make sure there are no defects, that could cause injuries. As a maintenance worker with the National Park, I assisted the building engineer with installing pipes, tubing, fittings, and repairing leakage in the water and sewer system. Serviced restrooms by using hand and power equipment, such sewer snakes, jets, to clear stoppages, both on and off the job. Additionally, I have used various hand tools (hacksaws, pipe threaders, cutters,


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