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  • Carpentry, plumbing and/or HVAC repair

  • Second language proficiency

  • Weapon usage

  • Motor vehicle operation

Ability – The capacity to perform a physical or mental activity at the present time. Typically abilities are apparent through functions completed on the job. Abilities and skills are often interchanged. The main difference is that ability is the capacity to perform where a skill is the actual manipulation of data, things or people. You may have the ability but unless observed through actions that ability may not transfer to a skill set.

Examples include the ability to:

  • Organize and plan work (observed at work)

  • Analyze situations, programs and problems

  • Coach and mentor others

  • Communicate orally and in writing

Other Characteristics – Mental or physical attributes or characteristics that don’t fall under the other areas:

Examples are: Multiple work assignments – capable of successfully handling various tasks Proactive – takes initiate to get things done without prompting Copes well in stressful environments – handles complex tasks

Reliability – assigned work is completed ahead of schedule and the quality of work is exceptional

This factor is required for jobs that to a greater degree encounter these characteristics such as jobs in air traffic control, careers in law enforcement, work at nuclear power plants, firefighters, etc.

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