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Northeast (Grandview Avenue) elevation: Three bay, amber-colored brick facade; one-over-one, double- hung windows except first bay at first floor; limestone lintels, sills and string coursing; light brown-painted, modillioned cornice with swags and wreaths; bluestone water table. Alterations: Vinyl replacement windows in all openings; iron door hood replaced with flat stucco; non-historic door; metal awning at entry; sliding windows at basement, non-historic brick stoop with cheek walls, cast stone coping, and metal railing; non-historic brick cheek walls, cast stone coping, and metal gate at areaway; cellar entry at areaway. Southeast (side) elevation: White-painted stuccoed wall with terra-cotta coping. Southwest (rear) elevation: Four bay brick facade; one-over-one, double-hung windows in segmentally- arched openings; brown-painted, metal cornice. Alterations: White-stuccoed facade; aluminum replacement windows in all openings.

662-670 Grandview Avenue (aka 2061 Gates Avenue) See description for 2061 Gates Avenue

GRANDVIEW AVENUE, 675 (aka 2108 Gates Avenue, 66-02 Forest Avenue) TO 679 (aka 66-08 Forest Avenue) Northeast Side, between Gates Avenue and Palmetto Street

675, 677, 679 Grandview Avenue See description for 66-02 to 66-08 Forest Avenue.

GRANDVIEW AVENUE, 676 (aka 2060 Gates Avenue) TO 694 (aka 2049 Palmetto Street) Southwest Side, between Gates Avenue and Palmetto Street See description for 2060 Gates Avenue and 2049 Palmetto Street.

LINDEN STREET, 2050 (aka 652 Grandview Avenue) Southeast Side, between Fairview Avenue and Grandview Avenue See description for 652 Grandview Avenue.

PALMETTO STREET, 2001 (aka 685-693 Fairview Avenue) TO 2049 (aka 694 Grandview Avenue) Northwest Side, between Fairview Avenue and Grandview Avenue

2001-2003 Palmetto Street (aka 685-693 Fairview Avenue) Borough of Queens Tax Map Block 3486; Lot 71

Date: Architect:

1910 (NB 1409-10) G. X. Mathews

Original Owner/Developer:

G. X. Mathews


Renaissance and Romanesque Revival

Southeast (Palmetto Street) elevation: Four bay, buff-colored brick facade on amber-colored brick base; one-over-one, double-hung windows in all openings at second and third floors; segmental and arched, amber-colored brick lintels, and projecting limestone sills at second and third floor windows; projecting and recessed, checkerboard-patterned brick and limestone string coursing; amber-colored brick pilasters set on carved limestone bases; corbelled and geometric-patterned brickwork; light grey painted, denticulated and


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