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Faux Stained Glass

Stained glass painting is an extremely difficult craft. Luckily today similar effects can be achieved with new glass paints, plexiglass and / or plastic sheets.

This is fast and easy way, although synthetic, to fake "The Look of Stained Glass".

With this product, you wont be a stained glass artist, but your efforts will be admired by your friends, relatives and neighbors.

Crylin had sets of glass paints, as well as kits. Though oil and acrylic paints can be used also.

There are several techniques here.

  • 1.

    You paint on the glass with glass paints.

  • 2.

    Paint part of the picture and back it up with dome foil or

other paper. 3. Paint on strong cling film, let it dry, peel and stick on glass.

Here are some lessons and ideas:

Faux Stained Glass

Make fake stained glass with hot glue, plexiglass, and paint! Cheap, easy, and pretty. Complete lesson with photos.

h t t p : / / w w w . i n s t r u c t a b l e s . c o m / i d / F a u x _ S t a i n e d _ G l a s s /

Faux Stained Glass Window

In this example, you paint the design on a glass picture frame - but there's nothing to stop you from painting it on plexiglass, or a clear plastic sheet protector or transparency, then cutting out the design once it is dry to fasten to a window.

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