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GL Academy

Julio Vollmer Morlan is the new Country Manager for the Netherlands Antilles.

Robert Edner has been appointed as acting Country Manager for Sweden.

Reinhard Siegmund will take over the position as Country Manager for Romania with effect from 1 July to replace Hans-Dieter Gruben who retires.

Kao Tien-Shon is the new District Manager for Taiwan.

Hans-Werner Steiner is the new Deputy Area Manager for ASEAN/South Africa.

Alexei Glazounov is the new Country Manager for Estonia.

Viktor Ostrovskis is the new Country Manager for Latvia.

Andrej Dutov has been appointed as Country Manager for Lithuania.

Thorsten Groth will be appointed as designated new Area Manager for Japan.

Selected seminars in 2009 (in English) – information and Registration: academy@gl-group.com


10.06.2009 Oil and Chemical Tankers

  • Technical and Operational

Aspects Tokyo, Japan

10.06.2009 Ship Structural Design Piraeus, Greece

11.06.2009 Design for Production Piraeus, Greece

12.06.2009 Oil and Chemical Tankers – Technical and Operational Aspects Shanghai, China

15.06. 2009 ILO Maritime Labour Convention Manila, Philippines

16.06.2009 Oil and Chemical Tankers

  • Technical and Operational

Aspects Haiphong, Vietnam

17.06. – 18.06. Implementation Workshop ILO Maritime Labour Convention Colombo, Sri Lanka

19.06. 2009 ILO Maritime Labour Con- vention Colombo, Sri Lanka

22.06.2009 ISM Basics Limassol, Cyprus

22.06. – 23.06.2009 Internal Auditor ISM/ISO 9001:2008 for Shipping Companies Hamburg, Germany

23.06.2009 ISPS Internal Auditor for Shipping Companies Limassol, Cyprus

25.06.2009 Damages to Hull and Equipment Piraeus, Greece

25.06. – 26.06.2009 Company/Ship Security Officer (CSO/SSO) Training Course Limassol, Cyprus

26.06.2009 Bulk Carriers – Technical and Operational Aspects Naples, Italy


02.07.2009 Advanced Maritime Accident Investigations

and Analysis Piraeus, Greece

08.07. – 09.07.2009 Company/Ship Security Offi-

cer (CSO/SSO) Training Course Piraeus, Greece

12.07. – 16.07.2009 Lead Auditor Environmental Systems ISO 14001 Cairo, Egypt

13.07.2009 Basics in Ship Finance Tokyo, Japan

15.07.2009 Basics in Ship Finance Dalian, China

17.07.2009 Basics in Ship Finance Shanghai, China

20.07.2009 Basics in Ship Finance Taipeh, Taiwan


03.09.2009 ISPS Refresher Course

Piraeus, Greece

14.09.2009 Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management Limassol, Cyprus

25.09.2009 ILO Maritime Labour Convention Tokyo, Japan


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