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Minutes of Meeting of Nevada Employment Security Council

Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation

Employment Security Division

October 9, 2006, 10:00 a.m.

Agenda Item I - Call to Order and Welcome

Chair:It’s 10 a.m. so we’ll call the State of Nevada Employment Security Council Meeting to order.  If anyone has any objections to calling it at this time.  I’d like to welcome you all to our meeting and we’ll begin with an introduction of council members.  

Agenda Item II - Introduction of Council Members

Chair:My name is Paul Havas and I’m Chairman.  We will have each member introduce themselves from left to right.  Also, I should mention that Connie Sartain is participating from Las Vegas via our communication apparatus.  From left to right, if each one of us will introduce themselves.

Forseth:John Forseth.

Garbarino:Dave Garbarino.

Wilkening:Rick Wilkening.

Jones:Cindy Jones, ESD Administrator.

Susich:Tom Susich, Counsel for the Employment Security Division.

Johnson:Katy Johnson, Board of Review, public member.

Foster:George Foster, I represent labor.

Chair:Thank you.  

Agenda Item III - Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Approval of Minutes

Chair:We will now have a discussion and possible action regarding approval of the minutes from October 3, 2005.  If there is any discussion or any commentary of the minutes as mailed, I would invite that as well as a motion, pursuant to those minutes.

Garbarino:I’d like to make a motion to approve the minutes of 2005.

Chair:There’s been a motion to approve the minutes as mailed.  Do I hear a second?

10:03:13Second the motion.

Chair:There’s been a motion and a second.  Any discussion?  Hearing none, all those in favor signify by saying aye.


Chair:No opposition, therefore it’s passed.  

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